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A10 Networks makes pivot to cloud with Appcito acquisition

A10 Networks, with its acquisition this week of startup Appcito, has become the latest Application Delivery Control (ADC) company to make a big push into supporting cloud applications.


Nextdoor: Tool for good or another paranoid cog in the spy machine?

As more police agencies join the private social network Nextdoor, the better to engage and give news to communities, will people use the tool for good or turn it into another paranoid cog in the great spy machine?

20160726 ge predix iot developer kit

GE waves developers onto its huge IoT stage

General Electric has more than a century of industrial experience, but it hopes to leverage outside expertise in its IoT mission. This week the company is hosting a developer conference for its GE Predix software platform and...

security hacker

Cyberespionage group Patchwork sets its sights on multiple industries

A cyberespionage group known for targeting diplomatic and governmental institutions has branched out into many other industries, including aviation, broadcasting, and finance, researchers warn.

Marc Newlin

Hackers can pick off, inject wireless keyboard keystrokes from 8 vendors, maybe more

A vulnerability across at least eight brands of wireless keyboards lets hackers read keystrokes from 250 feet away.

outlook focused inbox

This new Outlook feature will organize your inbox for you

Microsoft is finally bringing one of the best features of its Outlook mobile app to the desktop: Focused Inbox.

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Verizon must pay even if Mozilla walks from Yahoo search deal

Verizon, which plans to buy Yahoo for $4.8 billion, will be on the hook to Mozilla for more than $1 billion through 2019.

windows 10

The Anniversary Update's most exciting features: Windows 10 users weigh in

We know Microsoft's spin on the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, but here's what users say they're most pumped about.

medical records

Health care organizations 114 times more likely to be ransomware victims than financial firms

Health care organizations were 114 times more likely to hit by ransomware infections than financial firms, and 21 times more likely than educational institutions, according to a new research report by Solutionary

Jeff Lawson

Twilio API sinks all the application sync issues

Increasingly users demand a consistent experience, whether engaging with a service on the web or mobile. Twilio says its Sync API will help developers do that.

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Cybersecurity firm offers users reimbursement for ransomware infections

Security firm SentinelOne is confident it can beat any of today’s ransomware -- and is willing to put money behind that claim.

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Apple's electric car plans just got serious

Apple has reportedly tapped executive Bob Mansfield to head up the company's electric car initiative.

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Ransomware protection guarantee is offered by SentinelOne

SentinelOne is offering a to pay customers $1,000 per endpoint for customers’ machines that get infected by ransomware and that its products don’t either block or remediate.

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FBI probes DNC hack as suspicions of Russian involvement widen

The FBI has launched an investigation into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s servers, as more evidence surfaced about Russia’s possible involvement in the attack.

windows information protection infographic

Here are the key security features coming to Windows 10 next week

Here's a look at Windows Information Protection and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, two new features that will be launching next week with the latest major update to Windows 10.

VMware, IBM, Microsoft are top cloud system managers, IDC says

Research firm IDC is out with its latest estimates on who the leaders of the cloud systems management market are and some familiar names top the list.

Yahoo Yang keynote at

9 big moments in Yahoo's troubled history

Here are nine big events in the up-and-down history of Yahoo.

ethernet cables

Low-speed Ethernet champions set plugfest ahead of new net standard

Ethernet: In October IEEE P802.3bz will define 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T Ethernet

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