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The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+


Mozilla identifying home for Thunderbird as it focuses on Firefox

To better focus on its Firefox browser and other products, the Mozilla Foundation decided in 2012 to address the on-going stability of the open-source Thunderbird email client rather than new development, which was passed on to...

Huawei Sign

Flaws in Huawei WiMax routers won't be fixed, researcher says

Huawei isn't planning on patching several flaws in seven models of WiMax routers that are not being supported anymore by the company, according to a security researcher.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cortana

Microsoft's brand-new CRM boss takes the wraps off Dynamics CRM 2016

When Microsoft offered a peek at the next Dynamics CRM earlier this month, the software's longtime leader was still at the helm. On Monday, it was a brand-new CRM boss who released the new software to the public.

vtech innotab 3

Data breach of toy maker VTech leaked photos of children, parents

The data breach of Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer VTech appears to have also included photos of children and parents, adding to what could be one of the worst leaks of the year.

Deutsche Post DHL

SAP: Don't blame us for DHL's ailing logistics system

A languishing software upgrade project at Deutsche Post DHL Group has forced the German mail and courier company to take a write-off of €345 million, but software provider SAP is taking pains to make it clear that it's not to blame.


With internet connection reaching new heights, ITU looks to the IoT

A new ITU report sheds light on data about how the world's communications networks have connected people, and the future potential for things.

hololens designer collaboration

Autodesk will bring digital designs into the real world with Microsoft's HoloLens

Autodesk and Microsoft have teamed up to bring virtual product designs into the real world using augmented reality. The two companies announced on Monday that Autodesk Fusion 360 -- software that lets users design, test, and...


Amazon Prime Air gets a new drone

Amazon's new drone could bring the company one step closer 30-minute delivery, but the U.S. government is still standing in the way.

powerapps on any device

Microsoft's PowerApps spices up its secret cloud sauce

Microsoft recently introduced PowerApps, a new method for enabling enterprise apps that will help Microsoft compete in the cloud and SaaS markets.

cyber monday primary

6 hot Cyber Monday 2015 Android tech deals

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 deals on Apple products can be a little hard to come by, those for Google Android smartphones, tablets and more are plentiful.


US Marshals jump into 'Cyber Monday' mania

Cyber Monday is generally thought to be the start of the online holiday shopping season. We would like to encourage shoppers who are already online in search of bargains to consider stopping by our auction website to bid on forfeited...

crystal ball future tech

Looking into the crystal ball of Amazon’s cloud future

Investment firm Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. recently analyzed 2,373 recent Amazon Web Services job postings in an attempt to glean into the crystal ball of AWS’s future.

Eben Upton reveals the Raspberry Pi Zero

Introducing Raspberry Pi Zero: The $5 computer is here

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been working to lower the cost of home computing for years, and now founder Eben Upton says it can go no further: $5 for a fully-fledged computer is as cheap as it can get.

powerapps on any device

Microsoft's new service makes app developers out of everyday employees

Microsoft just unveiled a new beta service on Monday that's supposed to help anyone to build an app -- no software development experience required.

Imagination Technologies Creator Ci40

Imagination hopes Creator board will woo IoT developers to its MIPS platform

Chip maker Imagination Technologies is readying a new development board to help hardware designers connect smart devices to the Internet.

social media online presence profile user

How growing personalized online content is changing internet performance requirements

As more websites personalize content for users, optimization efforts need to adapt.

big data group goes predictive on Microsoft Dynamics

It's been a long time coming, but InsideSales is now available within Microsoft Dynamics.

cyber monday deals 2015 1

Hottest Cyber Monday 2015 tech deals on Apple, Android, Windows and other products

Big online shopping day fueled by deals on Apple iPads, Apple Watches, Windows 10 machines and more.

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