Should AWS spin out from Amazon?

By releasing financial figures for Amazon Web Services last week, Amazon proved that its cloud division is a behemoth. And with no signs of AWS slowing down, it’s raised the question: Should AWS spin out of

HP switches fortify campus SDNs

HP this week fortified its campus networking portfolio with modules for a switch chassis it announced almost a year ago, and an SDN-based management application.

Can gamification solve enterprises' engagement problem?

Big data and other new technologies are fueling the use of gaming principles in the workplace

lights lead image

Lightbulbs get smarter with included Wi-Fi and speakers

LED lightbulbs with Wi-Fi extenders and speakers could speed Wi-Fi implementations.

LG out to prove the G3 wasn't a fluke with new flagship smartphone

The company is betting on a leather back and an upgraded screen on the front

Second HTTPS snooping flaw breaks security for thousands of iOS apps

Hackers can exploit the vulnerability to launch man-in-the-middle attacks and decrypt traffic from the affected apps

Interop Vegas

Interop attendees: Please share your coolest & funniest show photos with us on Instagram

The annual Interop networking show in Vegas this week is sure to be busy between all the SDN, cloud, mobility, security and other talks, A to Z of exhibitors from ABC Trading Solutions to Zippy Technology, parties and other Vegas...

cloud platforms

The week cloud computing took over the world

Earnings reports from Amazon and Microsoft conclusively confirm what we should have already known: cloud computing is on a rampage.

Microsoft hints at impending write-off of Nokia acquisition that could total billions

Microsoft has signaled that it may take a massive write-off of its 2013 Nokia acquisition, perhaps as early as July.

Police breaks up cybergang that stole over $15 million from banks

Romanian authorities detained 25 suspected members of an international gang of cyberthieves who hacked into banks and cloned payment cards

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, April 27

Tech is a fragile lifeline in Nepal...Microsoft-Nokia deal not showing a win one year in...Apple results expected to be strong on iPhone

Alibaba looks to rural China to popularize its mobile OS

Alibaba's YunOS is still struggling to become mainstream in China

microsoft nokia

A year later, Microsoft's Nokia deal isn't a clear winner

The company has to sell more phones, and attract more big hardware partners and developers


ASUS UX305: Looks like a MacBook Air, costs $300 less

Network World reviewer Howard Wen gives a quick overview of the ASUS UX305 notebook, which includes a 1080p screen and quick bootup of Windows 8.1


New products of the week 04.27.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and Riverbed.

Capgemini to expand in North America with $4B acquisition of iGate

The deal is being financed by a mix of cash, debt and equity

Nepal communications hit by power outage, last-mile issues

A number of companies like Facebook and Google offered Internet tools after the Saturday earthquake near Kathmandu

YubiKey Neo

Security flaw allows PIN bypass in YubiKey Neo

Check the firmware version for your YubiKey Neo as a security flaw allows the bypass of the PIN. Since devices can't be updated, Yubico has started issuing free replacements if the firmware is below 1.0.10.

Dan Fredinburg

Everest avalanche kills privacy-focused Google engineer Dan Fredinburg

Dan Fredinburg, an engineer who worked on many of Google's most exciting projects during his 8 years with the company, died over the weekend in an avalanche on Mount Everest triggered by Nepal's devastating earthquake.

apple watch sport

Video: How waterproof is the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch can withstand much more water than initially assumed.

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