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News Corp

How News Corp is uniting 10 business units and 25,000 employees in a global IT push

Embarking on a new IT project is a major undertaking no matter what your company's scope or size, but when you're News Corp -- with 10 business units and 25,000 employees around the globe -- it's not for the faint of heart.

hacker backlit keyboard

How keystroking style could replace passwords for authentication

The way that you type at the keyboard, along with an algorithm, could make authentication more secure and cheaper, researchers say.

100215blog roethlisberger not a phone

Did Roethlisberger commit an ‘illegal use of cell phone’ violation?

A video appears to show Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger glancing at a cell phone and then stashing it in his pocket, which if true would constitute a violation of NFL rules governing electronic devices. But is it true?

layoffs laid off downsize job cuts

Sprint layoffs likely as part of cost-reduction plan

In addition to 31,000 full-time workers, the company also employs about 30,000 contractors.

Netgear Nighthawk X6 802.11ac Wi-Fi router

This vigilante virus protects you against malware attacks, quotes Richard Stallman

Symantec has discovered malware that infects routers and Internet of Things devices, then cleans out any existing malware and locks the devices down against future attacks.

oulu city hall

5G, Arctic gold rush excite global tech forum attendees

The 24th Global Forum, an annual policy and strategy conference for technology leaders, was held this week in Oulu, a Nordic university town and research city about 100 miles from the Arctic Circle.

Boeing, Carnegie Mellon unite to make the most of aeronautics big data

The Boeing Company is providing $7.5 million to establish a lab at Carnegie Mellon University designed to use artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies to improve the process of making aircraft and ensuring those...

analytics stats statistics big data managment manage

Microsoft prepares a new SQL language for Big Data

Microsoft recently announced its Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Analytics, which will be based on a language called U-SQL.

Wifi assist ios9

Apple iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist: Threat, Menace or Neither?

The web has practically been clogged this week with posts providing tips about Apple's new iOS 9 mobile operating system: Good thing Apple added Wi-Fi Assist to make sure you're on the best connection possible to read all that stuff....

dark corners of network

A viral vigilante may be keeping an eye on your home router

Researchers at Symantec have shed new light on an old virus affecting routers and other devices running Linux: it appears to be protecting them from other malware infections

techy cloud

RightScale promises a move beyond 'lowest common denominator' cloud management

RightScale was one of the earliest of the cloud management vendors, but has been a little quiet of late. The company is hoping to change things today with its latest release.

H1-B Visa Abuse

Increasingly, U.S. IT workers are alleging discrimination

Seven IT workers at Disney are pursuing, or plan to pursue, federal and state discrimination administrative complaints over their layoffs.

office 2016 crash

Office 2016 for Mac users lambaste Microsoft after upgrading to Apple's OS X El Capitan

After Apple released the new OS X El Capitan on Wednesday, users streamed to a Microsoft support discussion forum to report that Office 2016 for Mac regularly crashed, crippling their productivity.

big data scorecard

Hortonworks unveils big data scorecard

The new Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard is designed to help organizations assess their capabilities and build a plan to jump start big data projects.

el capitan

12 'El Capitan' features that Apple totally ripped off from Windows

We've reinvented Macworld's slideshow on the top features of Apple's OS X 'El Capitan' and pointed out their obvious original inspiration.


Google's new products, Tesla autopilot, humanoid robots - The Wrap

WrapGoogle updates Nexus lineup, Tesla's autopilot software update is coming, Google and Microsoft drop lawsuits and a humanoid robot gives us a glimpse of the future. Follow host Nick Barber on Twitter @nickjb.


Breach at Experian may have exposed data on 15 million consumers linked to T-Mobile

A data breach at credit bureau Experian may have exposed data from T-Mobile USA on about 15 million U.S. consumers.

aws amazon web services

Amazon launches managed Elasticsearch service

Amazon announced a new service Thursday that's designed to make it easier to spin up and operate the popular Elasticsearch open-source search and analytics engine.

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