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apple iphone 7

Apple to call its next smartphone the iPhone 8, report claims

Apple next year will forgo the iPhone 7s and will instead name its next-gen smartphone the iPhone 8


Quiet rumblings but few fireworks at LTE-U gathering

A Washington, D.C. think tank on Wednesday hosted the first event to feature representatives from both sides of the LTE-U debate since a contentious agreed testing framework was created several weeks ago.

081215blog ballot selfie2

Federal court backs ballot selfies

Just in time for the biggest election in the history of democracy, a three-judge federal appeals court has told the state of New Hampshire that it cannot prevent voters from taking a selfie with their completed ballot.

snapdragon 820

AMD has its eyes on Las Vegas with Polaris GPUs

The internet of things market is becoming too big to ignore for AMD and Qualcomm. The companies this week announced CPUs and GPUs adapted from PCs and mobile devices for use in IoT devices.

containers on barge

Canonical integrates Ubuntu with open source container manager Kubernetes

Canonical – the developer of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system – today is hopping on the container management bandwagon by integrating its popular OS with Kubernetes, an open source project for managing containers at scale.

samsung galaxy note 7 s pen coral blue

Mall takes no chances with Galaxy Note 7

The picture was snapped in a mall by an eagle-eyed Reddit user who couldn’t help but notice that a kiosk set up to sell the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was being guarded.

strata apache spot hadoop

Meet Apache Spot, a new open source project for cybersecurity

Hard on the heels of the discovery of the largest known data breach in history, Cloudera and Intel on Wednesday announced that they've donated a new open source project to the Apache Software Foundation with a focus on using big data...

evil clown

Creepy clowns cause sheriff to consult with FBI and Homeland Security

There's no end in sight for creepy clown reports thanks to social media hysteria. Dress like a clown, and you might be arrested.

blackberry classic

BlackBerry stops making hardware, but BlackBerry phones live on

BlackBerry will stop making hardware to focus on software, but that doesn't mean the iconic phones are done for—yet.

customer experience

Customers have a love/hate relationship with IT outsourcing providers

HPE, Oracle and IBM’s outsourcing customers are much more likely to recommend them, but many other IT service providers underperform in delivering a good customer experience.

blockchain code

Financial sector expands use of blockchain databases

Banks and financial markets are adopting blockchain distributed database software for payments and lending services at a faster pace than once expected.


Elon Musk’s next great adventure: Colonizing Mars

The details of the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System mission are daunting -- it requires a massive booster system and spacecraft (think a ship north of 416ft tall and 55ft in diameter – NASA’s Apollo mission rocket, Saturn 5 was...

sap sapphire s/hana

Plat.One acquisition marks start of $2B IoT investment plan for SAP

SAP has bought IoT startup Plat.One, marking the start of a plan to invest US$2 billion in the internet of things over the next five years.

road to future forward idea cloud road

10 tips for a successful cloud plan

How do you get started using the cloud? To have a successful cloud deployment, it’s helpful to have a plan. The following 10 tips are key for a successful cloud rollout.

Generic court image

Oracle denied new trial in copyright dispute with Google over Java

A federal court in California has denied Oracle another trial in its long-standing copyright infringement dispute with Google over the use of Java code in Android.

eiffel tower

Mozilla-backed selfie stunt challenges Europe’s copyright laws

Stiff EU copyright proposals that theoretically ban memes, gifs and even pictures of some landmarks are the target of a campaign backed by Firefox browser maker Mozilla, which has encouraged a campaign of digital civil disobedience...

wyoming state capitol

Wyoming's open source enterprise code library a secret no more

Wyoming’s 250-person Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) group knew it had a good thing in its Enterprise Extensible Code Library, but it chose to keep things under wraps outside of the state until last week when members of that team...


Make a Wi-Fi gadget with a $9.99 Orange Pi development board

If you want to fashion a smart gadget, robot or drone with wireless capabilities on the cheap, a $9.99 development board from Orange Pi will help you reach that goal.

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