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North Carolina could be next in Google Fiber roll-out

Reported launch would be first in a big expansion planned for this year

FCC map of 25 mbps broadband deployment

Sad state of broadband in the US as cable industry balks at FCC's 25Mbps definition

The FCC wants broadband to be defined as 25Mbps down and 3 Mbps up, but cable and telco companies think current slow US speeds are plenty fast enough for Americans.

Microsoft signage

Microsoft to release Office 2016 later this year

Even as Microsoft pushes Office 365, it will keep the classic product the same.

Ex-Juniper CEO pours fresh cup at Starbucks

Dusts off sediment from tech to move to front burner of coffee colossus

012315blog brady target primary

Shot at Brady funnier in Seattle than N.E.

It looks like Target employs someone who doesn’t appreciate that a joke displayed publicly on the West Coast can make it all the way to the East Coast in no time in this age of social media.

asus lead image

Upcoming $200 ASUS smartphone ideal for contract ditchers

For those looking to dump their phone contract, ASUS may well have the perfect pre-pay phone. Here’s a look at some of the numbers.

cloud contracts thinkstock

Federal IT leaders want cloud vendors to provide clarity

FedRAMP director says industry needs to do more to document security protocols in cloud services as agencies look to broaden adoption of the program across government.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook's 2014 pay package dwarfed by new hire Ahrendts'

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total 2014 compensation of $9.2 million, while more than double his pay package the year before, was dwarfed by the $73.4 million awarded to a subordinate, retail chief Angela Ahrendts.

Linus Torvalds diversity gaffe brings out the best (and worst) of the open source world

Comments by Linus Torvalds have prompted a new debate on the role of meritocracy, diversity and inclusiveness in the open-source community.

world economic forum 2015

New framework helps companies quantify risk

The World Economic Forum has released a new framework this week that helps companies calculate the risk of cyberattacks

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NFL statement on New England Patriots Deflate-gate

No, the NFL's Deflate-gate controversy involving the New England Patriots' footballs during its AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts has little to do with enterprise networking. But in case you haven't seen it, the league...


US intelligence group wants to reverse-engineer human brain algorithms

In an effort to significantly improve artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the research arm of the of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently announced a program whose chief goal is to...


Smartphones, tablets & eBay send SkyMall to Chapter 11

Quirky airline catalog SkyMall's parent company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

6 show money

Hottest Enterprise Network & Computing Startups of 2015

Coming off a huge year in venture capital investing, the bar has been set high for 2015. But network and computing startups, focused in areas such as the cloud, security and mobile, promise to reap big dollars from investors this year...

starting salaries for college technology majors

Tech industry may gain from Obama’s free tuition plan

Seminole State College in Sanford Fla. graduates about 70 students annually with two-year degrees in its programming and networking programs. If President Obama's free-tuition plan were in effect, enrollment could rise 25%.

Sharp rise seen in attacks using stolen credentials

The attacks have been beating fraud detection systems


Microsoft touts $7-per-user monthly pricing for Windows subscription packages

Microsoft has released details on the first-ever per-user Microsoft Windows subscription.

windows apps

Microsoft touts two next-gen Office editions for Windows

Microsoft set a loose release date for its next iteration of Office on the desktop and announced that the long-awaited touch-enabled Windows apps will launch around the same time.

012215blog blackberry ceo john chen

BlackBerry issues futile call for ‘app neutrality’

This proposal by BlackBerry – actually sent to U.S. lawmakers yesterday – calls for the government to compel the likes of Netflix to make their applications work with the likes of BlackBerry whether business considerations justify it...

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