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FTC chides BabyBus for tracking babies

The Federal Trade Commission today has made public its contention that BabyBus, a China-based maker of mobile software designed for the youngest of the young, appears to be violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act...

sdn 2014

SDN in 2014: A year of non-stop action

The past year was a frantic one in the SDN industry as Cisco, Juniper and many others made strategic and tactical moves to either get out ahead of the curve on software-defined networking, or try to offset its momentum.

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Cisco’s greatest hits, 2014 edition

A busy 30th year for the networking kingpin.


7 Things Microsoft Killed in 2014, and 1 That Got Off the Hook

Microsoft pulled the plug on familiar brands, executed an artsy old friend and brought one service back from the dead in 2014

apple 2014 primary

Apple's 14 biggest news stories of 2014

A look back at a big year for Apple.

In Cisco tiff, Arista taps Gandhi

Compares its legal battle to that of legendary nonviolent civil disobeyer

byod frustration

BYOD was a tech roller coaster ride in 2014

From the beginning, the Bring Your Own Device movement has been a nightmare for CIOs. And recently many workers – once excited by the concept – are wondering if it’s worth it. Here’s a look back at’s year-long coverage of this...

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Holiday blues: 49% of network managers, sysadmins expect to work the holidays

Nearly half of IT pros will be working or on-call over the holidays to troubleshoot network, security and app problems, according to net management vendor Ipswitch.

chrome proposal encryption

Google wants to turn browser signals of Web encryption upside down

Chrome security engineers have proposed that all websites that don't encrypt traffic be marked as insecure by browsers.


Home automation access: WeMo app permissions explained

App permissions and the access they allow are complicated and wildly misunderstood. For IoT home automation devices such as WeMo, owners can't pass on the app. For that reason, we’re drilling down into WeMo app permissions, to find...

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How to convert excess data center heat into electricity

Here's a gift for the data center who has everything - a thermoelectric generator.


New products of the week 12.22.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and CloudBerry.

ISS commander Barry Butch Wilmore holds up 3D printed socket wrench

ISS 3D printed ratchet after NASA emailed the wrench to space

Astronauts aboard the ISS needed a new wrench, so NASA emailed the code to the Zero-G 3D printer aboard the space station where it took about four hours to print. NASA also released new images showing Christmas lights from space.


DOE takes real world look at electric car use

While the current use of electric cars is low, electric power companies say they are prepping for a 400% growth in annual sales of plug-in autos by 2023. With such growth in mind, understanding customer charging patterns can help...


Apple's 10 biggest hits, misses, and head-scratchers of 2014

The Cupertino company had a huge year full of major product releases, huge announcements, and a few extremely wacky moments.

Sky's the limit for Cisco Intercloud

Interconnected providers, all using ACI APIC, will number in the thousands, company says

Microsoft files suit against alleged tech support scammers

Over one-third of U.S. citizens contacted by scammers fall for the scam, according to Microsoft

new years eve fireworks

10 predictions for IT in 2015

If I am right, this will be a tough year for tech and everyone else.

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