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2014 mercedes benz s63 amg 3qtr

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Backyard ice bar gets cooler with 3D printing

We upped the tech quotient of our backyard ice bar with coasters made from 3D-printed forms.

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DARPA to target cyber privacy protection tech

DARPA said: “The ability to analyze large amounts of aggregated personal data can help businesses optimize online commerce, medical workers address public health issues, and governments interrupt terrorist activities. However,...

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Funniest video about Boston winter -- e-vah -- gets booted off YouTube; maker ‘bummed’

At this point you’ll have to take my word that it was the funniest video about Boston's #snowpocalypse ever.

AVG Innovative Labs Invisibility Glasses

AVG Invisibility Glasses and other slick tactical tricks to fool face recognition

AVG showed off a proof-of-concept pair of Invisibility Glasses that are meant to defeat facial recognition and protect personal privacy. It's not the first time anti-surveillance 'fashion' has been used as a tactical trick to foil...

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What happens inside Amazon when there’s a Xen vulnerability

When a Xen vulnerability is found, Amazon security engineers scramble to respond.

The contradictions of software releases and updates

Keeping up with the new features of software releases and upgrades is becoming more and more difficult.

Cisco unfazed by HP/Aruba

WLAN leader says No. 2 provides "bolt on" solution

Amazon reboots some cloud servers for a Xen vulnerability…again

A vulnerability in the open source Xen hypervisor code is leading Amazon Web Services to reboot some of its machines for the second time in six months.

Cloud computing circuits

Microsoft reportedly prepping a tiny version of Windows Server

The idea behind the Nano Server is to make a server with just the components needed for the cloud.

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How Samsung's Galaxy S6 stacks up against Apple's iPhone 6 line

The premium design of Samsung's new Galaxy S6 devices is good enough to keep Android defectors from switching to iOS. Whether it converts iOS users into Android users remains to be seen.

Aruba all-in-one box simplifies branch office communications

Aruba Networks today announced the availability of the 7000 series cloud services controller, an all-in-one box that aims to dramatically simplify branch office IT for far-flung businesses.

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 a true iPhone 6 killer?

The Galaxy S6 is a great-looking phone with great specs -- but is it really an iPhone 6 killer? I've got specs and details.

Bill Gates Steve Ballmer

Bill Gates is the world's richest man, yet again

Forbes magazine ranks Gates the world's richest man again for 2015, although the list now includes executives from Uber and Snapchat.

Google, Apple $415M deal with tech workers heads for approval

Judge Lucy H. Koh had earlier rejected a $324.5 million settlement as too low

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Geofencing could add security layer for mobile devices

Geofencing technology -- tracking the location of a mobile device -- could offer an extra layer of security for enterprises trying to manage both company-owned and employee-owned devices. However, the technology can also raise worries...

BlackBerry launches all-touch Leap with $275 price tag

The smartphone has a 5-inch screen and a dual-core processor

Microsoft brags about impressive growth of the Windows Phone ecosystem

Microsoft 'excited' about Windows Phones announced at Mobile World Congress

Microsoft released an infographic because it is "excited" about the "continued growth" of Window Phones. Any growth is better than no growth, but it doesn't seem like something to brag about...nevertheless, here's a look at several of...

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Zynstra's hybrid solution targets users facing end of Windows Server 2003 support

With less than four months until Microsoft cuts off support for Windows Server 2003, a company called Zynstra is stepping in to ease the migration.

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