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A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

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Hackers had a chance to hamper voting by deleting records

A U.S. cybersecurity monitor has uncovered more breaches of election agencies on top of attacks described in an FBI report leaked on Monday.

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As 5G heads for IoT, 4G is far from done

The iPhone 7 expected to debut on Sept. 7 may offer a glimpse into the future of smartphones, but it won’t have 5G. And even though the next generation of cellular is due to launch in 2020, high-end handsets may be LTE-only for years...

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Pat Gelsinger explains what Dell-EMC deal means for VMware

Ahead of VMWorld, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger offered some of the most detailed comments yet about the impact of the mega-takeover by Dell of VMware's parent company EMC.

Catapult server at TACC

Microsoft's new Catapult v2 server design is targeted at AI

For years, Microsoft has been delivering speedy and accurate Bing results with experimental servers called Project Catapult, which have now received an architectural upgrade.

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VMware ‘Cloud Foundation’ integrates virtual compute, network and storage systems

To kick off its VMWorld conference, the virtualization giant launched VMware Cloud Foundation, a platform that integrates virtualized compute, network and storage software into a pre-integrated product.


Digital transformation is giving IT spending a big boost

Digital transformation may promise critical benefits for the companies undertaking it, but it's also delivering a major boost to IT spending around the world.

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FBI warns that hackers are targeting state election systems

The FBI has reportedly found evidence that foreign hackers breached two state election databases in recent weeks.

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ExtraHop integrates into VMware's cloud management platform

Infrastructure monitoring vendor ExtraHop announced new integrations into VMware's vRealize cloud management platform.


Nutanix gets hyperconverged with PernixData and

Nutanix has snapped up a couple of companies, PernixData and, to extend its enterprise cloud platform.

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Cloud giveth and cloud taketh away: Rackspace edition

Rackspace’s $4.3 billion acquisition by a private equity firm is another example of cloud computing creating winners and losers.

st jude pacemaker

St Jude calls easily hackable pacemaker claims 'false and misleading'

After the short-sell of St. Jude stock, St. Jude came out swinging; it called MedSec and Muddy Waters' report on how easily its pacemakers could be hacked 'false and misleading.' The FDA and Homeland Security are investigating.

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Digify for Gmail: Mission Impossible for your email attachments

Digify for Gmail provides email content control in an easily digestible form.

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Sophisticated malware possibly tied to recent ATM heists in Thailand

Security researchers have found a sophisticated malware program that may have been used recently by a gang of hackers to steal more than $350,000 from ATMs in Thailand.


New products of the week 8.29.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as HPE and Sumo Logic.

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Microsoft Excel is ruining scientific papers with its autocorrect feature

Microsoft Excel is making a mess of scientific papers all over the world thanks to the software's auto-format and autocorrect functions.

vmware 2016 intro

Hot products from VMWorld 2016

VMware has moved its domestic VMWorld conference to Las Vegas – and what better place than under the bright lights of the strip to talk about the latest in virtualization, SDN, containers, hyperconverged infrastructure and mobile...

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Opera warns 1.7 million Opera Sync users of breach, forces password reset

Opera warned 1.7 million Opera Sync users of a possible breach and issued a forced password reset.

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Medical device security ignites an ethics firestorm

One security research company is taking a controversial approach to disclosing vulnerabilities: It’s publicizing the flaws as a way to tank a company’s stock.

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