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UCLA Phase Stretch Transform algorithm

UCLA just open-sourced a powerful new image-detection algorithm

Image recognition has become increasingly critical in applications ranging from smartphones to driverless cars, and on Wednesday UCLA opened up to the public a new algorithm that promises big gains.

american justice courtroom gavel legal system law justice flag

SCO vs. IBM legal battle over Linux may – finally – be finished

A breach-of-contract and copyright lawsuit filed nearly 13 years ago by a successor company to business Linux vendor Caldera International against IBM may be drawing to a close at last, after a U.S. District Court judge issued an...

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft lets cautious users try more of Windows 10’s leading edge

Microsoft is adding a Release Preview ring to its beta program, letting users get an early glimpse of what's coming to their PC while retaining stability.


Bill filed in Congress would ban encryption backdoors

Four Congressmen are proposing that states be forbidden to ask manufacturers to install encryption backdoors on their products outfitted with the technology.

security camera safety equipment alarm wall mounted surveillance camera 000000156723

U.S. intelligence chief touts IoT as a spying opportunity

U.S. director of national intelligence James Clapper recently acknowledged that government surveillance can use the Internet of Things (IoT) for spying.

name changes

Networking company name change madness is upon us

Tech companies LightSquared, Crittercism and ThinkingPhones are still around but no longer answer to those names.


Underhanded C contest winner's code fools nuke inspectors into destroying fake nukes

What if code can look valid, but instead of identifying 'real' warheads to be destroyed, it instead fools inspectors into believing fakes are real and the fakes are dismantled?

20160210 bluetooth logo

A new IoT gateway design could be Bluetooth's ticket to the cloud

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group wants to raise Bluetooth's profile in the Internet of Things with a toolkit for building gateways between the short-range wireless network and the Internet.

john halamka

Healthcare CIO: Legal issues are most difficult cloud migration challenge

Boston healthcare organization BIDMC is readying its move of business critical systems into the public cloud, and legal concerns are top of mind for the outfit's CIO

01 day breach

CSO Online's 2016 data breach blotter

2016 has only just started, and already there are a number of incidents being reported in the public, proving that data protection is still one of the hardest tasks to master in the information security sector.

0101 havas helia beer

Data science achieves the ultimate ROI: a craft beer

Digital marketing agency Havas Helia has created 0101, a beer that was crafted based on data.

surface pro 4 surface book

Microsoft's Surface is the lone bright spot in a poor tablet market

While Apple's iPad and Google's Android tablets struggle to sell, Microsoft's Surface and other Windows 10 tablets have seen strong growth of late.

facebook guns

Drugs, guns, and hitmen more common on dark web than religious extremism

Drugs, hitmen, and money laundering are among the trove of iffy material on the dark web, a research group has found. Surprisingly sparse was extremist religious propaganda.

SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

SAP slaps patch on leaky factory software

SAP's February round of critical software updates includes one for SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (xMII) that may be of interest to hackers and spies.

kde neon

KDE's new Linux distro: Terrible idea, or simply a huge mistake?

KDE's recently announced Linux distro, KDE Neon, seems like a questionable move that has the potential for disaster.

skype love mojis 1

Paul McCartney gives Skype some silly love songs

Skype announced a new set of animated "Mojis" Wednesday aimed at letting users express their love, with some help from Paul McCartney.

google security checkup

Google offering extra free 2GB of data storage until Feb. 11 if you do Security Checkup

Google is rewarding users of its services this week with 2 free GB of storage on Google Drive if they take a couple minutes to check on the security of their accounts.

Microsoft Office logo [orange background pattern]

Microsoft delivers Office 2016 to subscribers on the slow train

Those customers may begin downloading and installing the same Office 2016 client applications -- Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and others -- that debuted in September 2015.

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