Feds snatch-up $19.5M in fake NFL gear ahead of Super Bowl

In its “Operation Team Player” fake jerseys, ball caps, t-shirts, jackets and other souvenirs are confiscated by teams of special agents and officers from ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations, CBP, U.S. Postal Inspection Service and...

Dell celebrates disaggregation's first anniversary

Open Networking initiative began with Cumulus Linux on Dell switches

social network analysis visualization

MIT researchers show you can be identified by a just few data points

If you thought sparse personal metadata - random chunks of data about data - was hard to mine for the purposes of identifying individuals, think again. MIT researchers have just shown that it only requires four data points (the dates...

chat lead image

Enterprise chat for your own server

Team chat is becoming more popular. Organizations with security or compliance requirements might want to take a look at own-server chat.

Steve Jobs in 2010

Steve Jobs lives on... in a CAPTCHA

On a week when Apple blew minds with its record $74.6 billion in quarterly revenue and revealed that it's making Samsung uncomfortable on its home turf of South Korea, the company even grabbed mindshare in an unlikely place: A CAPTCHA...

cloud computing thinkstock

CIO outlines cloud environment goals at Department of Defense

Pentagon tech chief pledges more transparency with cloud service providers and calls on vendor community to rethink security, collaboration.

08 money

How much money does Amazon make in the cloud? We’ll find out soon

Amazon plans to officially break out the financial results for its Amazon Web Services cloud computing division beginning next quarter.

Big data analytics hand touchscreen user man

Data preparation is the unsung hero of big data analytics

Solutions that cleanse and prepare data will become more valuable as businesses look to spend more time analyzing it.

Super Bowl ad

Sarah Silverman becoming go-to tech pitchwoman

Comedian Sarah Silverman adds T-Mobile to tech pitch list with new Super Bowl XLIX commercial.

restoring sanity   reddit

Reddit handed over user info for 58% of government requests

Reddit today went public with its first "transparency report,” telling users of its news and social networking site that it frequently turns down formal subpoenas and legal requests for information in users.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple puts the big hurt on Samsung

Things are not looking so good for Samsung in the smartphone market, especially as it faces its Apple nemesis.

1024px railroad avenue historic district opelika alabama

Tech conference in Middle of Nowhere attracts John McAfee, Atari founder & more

For a guy whose well-documented arrests and escapades in Central America in recent years alternately confused and fascinated tech industry watchers, John McAfee's headlining appearance at an upcoming conference in Alabama that gets...

Citrix's 900 job cuts seen as 'defensive' move

It expects to save $90 million to $100 million per year as a result.

ces 2014 hyundai genesis google glass app 100224614 orig

When Phil Schiller dissed Google Glass as something no 'normal' person would wear

Apple executive Phil Schiller once had some strong words for Google Glass.

Amazon wants to put its cloud to “work” in your business

Along with announcing a new email platform yesterday (read more about that here), Amazon Web Services seemed to also launch a new marketing campaign for its products. And it makes it clear which customers the company is pining for.

FCC banks nearly $45 billion in landmark AWS-3 spectrum auction

The FCC announced today that Auction 97 has closed after roughly two and a half months, with winning bids totaling $44.9 billion for the 65MHz of mostly AWS-3 spectrum on offer. That figure is far and away the highest ever seen in a...

network operations center

Network Engineer cracks Best Jobs in America for 2015 list

If you're reading this blog post on Network World, there's a good chance you're in a hot job market. Glassdoor, the jobs and career marketplace that recently scored $70M in venture funding, has released its list of the 25 Best Jobs in...

Hands typing on netbook users hardware mobile

Why passwords are on the way out

The way a person uses devices, like rhythm of writing, and other cognitive patterns are going to be used for future identification. It marks the beginning of the end for classic methods, like passwords, and even advanced tools like...

metro wireless node

Mayors of Boston, Seattle, KC, others: No more muni broadband restrictions, please

A group of 38 mayors and other elected officials from cities like Boston, Seattle, and Kansas City Thursday urged the FCC to strike down state laws that restrict the development of public high-speed Internet services and allow...

012915 samsung gear vr virtual reality

Virtual reality headsets are coming to airlines

An Australian airline appears to be ahead of the pack in giving virtual reality headsets for in-flight entertainment.

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