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aerohive ap150w wall plate

Expand Wi-Fi quickly, easily with Aerohive’s wall plate

Aerohive’s AP150W wall plate is packed with features, including 802.11 AC Wave 2 and Zigbee, and costs a lot less than other Wi-Fi expanding options.

hybrid cloud

Oracle expands database offering to its cloud services

Oracle’s Exadata can now split your database between on-premises and the cloud.

Collage wi-fi screw-up image

Despite new silicon, 802.11ax isn't coming to the enterprise for a while

The release of 802.11ax chipsets by Broadcom, Qualcomm and others doesn't mean that standardized gear will be ready for everyday use soon, experts say.

extreme networks logo

The new Extreme Networks is off and rolling

Extreme Networks announced its Q4 FY17 results, and its plan to become a bigger, stronger networking vendor that can go up against the big guys is working.

big data code binary tunnel

Imanis Data focuses on big data backup and recovery

New features in Imanis Data 3.0 include backup of very large data sets, faster data recovery and support for multiple platforms.

iot internet of things public domain

3 real-world examples of IoT rolled out in the enterprise

Without network support, businesses may not be able to reap all the benefits of the data IoT generates.

international space station

HPE looks to put a supercomputer in space

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is sending the Spaceborne Computer to the International Space Station to test the durability of HPC in the harshness of space.

intel ruler ssd

Intel, Seagate continue push for increased enterprise SSD capacity

SSDs are getting bigger, as we see with Seagate's and Intel's new lines, but so are the prices. Are they worth it yet?

lightbulbs in a row [by EyeMix / CC0 via Pixabay]

How Wi-Fi could get a boost from Li-Fi

Li-Fi could turn LED light bulbs into network access points

Lenovo Logo

Tough times strike Lenovo’s data center business

Partners and customers are losing faith in Lenovo’s server business, if they ever had it.

Which big data programming language should I use?

ETL is slowing down real-time data analytics

Many IT professionals say the data transformation tool ETL hinders companies’ ability to do real-time analytics, and they are looking for alternatives.

us senate building

Feds consider tougher requirements for IoT security

A bill submitted this week to the U.S. Senate could be the first step toward fixing IoT security, requiring that device makers who want to do business with the federal government meet basic security standards.

microsoft data center

Data center construction increases thanks to the cloud

New research shows data center construction increased 43% in North America due to cloud computing companies needing more server space.

sd wan

IDC: SD-WAN growth is exploding for at least the next 5 years

Just $225M in 2015, sales of SD-WAN gear will hit $1.19 billion this year as enterprises pick it to resolve challenges created by increasing cloud, mobile, big data, and analytics traffic.

big data code binary tunnel

Tapping big data to predict the future

Franz Inc. adds future predictive analytics to its data visualization tool, Gruff 7.0, allowing users to create what-if scenarios and uncover hidden relationships.

cray sonexion 3000 storage copy

Cray buys Seagate’s enterprise storage array business

Cray’s purchase of Seagate’s ClusterStor HPC storage array business gives the company ammunition to compete with Dell EMC.

google cloud

Google finally gains traction in cloud services

Google triples the number of major cloud deals year over year, gains large enterprise customers from regulated sectors.

bridge cloud public domain

Monitor cloud services for compliance, security from a single view

Qualys new app framework, CloudView, provides real-time monitoring of enterprise cloud services from a single dashboard.

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