Will network disaggregation play in the enterprise?

Disaggregation seems to be all the rage in networking these days.

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New products of the week 03.02.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as InstartLogic and Krystallize.

FTC: Imposter scams bully into top 3 consumer complaints spot

Imposter scams where rip-off artists impersonate IRS, FBI or other official has moved into third place – its highest placement on the Federal Trade Commission’s annual evaluation of consumer complaints.

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8 great ways to celebrate Raspberry Pi’s 3rd birthday

Launched in February 2012 Raspberry Pi has sold more than 5 million units

apple watch crown

Apple Watch will start your car one day, Tim Cook says

Apple's CEO shares new details about the wearable's capabilities in the weeks leading up to its launch.

Yahoo sign

Yahoo gains U.S. search share on the back of Firefox

New measurements show that Yahoo continued to improve its share of the U.S. search market after striking a deal last year with Firefox maker Mozilla.

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Google tests business Hangouts in search results

Google is testing a search feature that enables users to conduct live chats via Hangouts with businesses directly from search results.

022715blogfacebook sad fiddle music

Funniest video about Boston winter e-vah

I’d pay good money to watch Ken Burns watch this hilarious YouTube video: “Facebook Statuses About the Boston Snowstorm With Sad Civil War Fiddle Music.” (Some NSFW language.)

Avaya takes a unique approach to ease the pain of SDN migrations

With a new approach that focuses on the entire network, Avaya aims to facilitate the painful transition to a software defined network.

iFixit iPhone 6 teardown showing battery

Smartphones charge in a minute with bio-battery

Smartphones tethered to the wall could become a thing of the past. Q4 2016 will see the arrival of batteries that charge quicker than anything seen before.

New Forescout CEO wants to make partners an offer they can’t refuse

ForeScout has named a new CEO who starts Monday with big plans for making the company’s products the remediation layer of choice for other vendors’ security offerings that find problems with endpoints but can’t fix them.

privacy info protect ts

The downside to mass data storage in the cloud

The ability to access Dropcam video footage in the cloud is indicative of a broader trend in cloud computing that is eating away at privacy.

Fresh from $532.9M win, Smartflash sues Apple again

The patent company's focus in the second lawsuit is on Apple's newer products like the iPhone 6

IBM to pump $4 billion into cloud, mobile and analytics

With a $4 billion investment, Big Blue aims to deliver $40 billion in annual revenue by 2018

apple watch female model

Apple Watch may be more water resistant than previously thought

Recent comments made by Apple CEO Tim Cook suggest that the upcoming Apple Watch may be more water resistant than originally thought.

Apple livestream info

Apple slates March 9 event, hints at Watch wearable

Apple today invited reporters and analysts to an event scheduled for March 9, when it will probably talk up the Apple Watch and perhaps unveil other hardware.

FCC net neutrality discussion

What it means: The FCC's net neutrality vote

Net neutrality has been debated for a decade, but the Federal Communications Commission's historic vote signals only the beginning of further battles and likely lawsuits.

FCC Net Neutrality hearing

Net neutrality rules passed, but we don't know how it works yet

FCC sharply divided on party lines. Chairman Wheeler broke the tie.

Net neutrality: The second two most boring words in the English language says HBO’s John Oliver

HBO’s John Oliver takes apart the net neutrality issue in a piece from his Last Week Tonight with John Oliver HBO show in 2014.

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