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6 Techiest Commercials from Super Bowl 50

In between the booze (Budweiser), cars (Buick, Audi, etc.) and food (Doritos, Coke, etc.) commercials during the Super Bowl 50 broadcast will be a fair representation by tech companies large and relatively unknown.  MORE: 12...

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Modular cellphone kit can be used for IoT and wearables

You can assemble a rudimentary 2G cell-phone at home with the RePhone Kit Create, which can also be used to make wearables and IoT devices.

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Get ready for iGen, the Millennials' replacement

Their self-esteem derives from social networks, and they don't trust traditional banking forms, says a new report on the latest generation about to join your workplace.

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LTE-U’s cold war may be thawing, as field testing commences ahead of summit

The FCC last week granted Verizon and Qualcomm permission to conduct limited tests of LTE-U technology in Raleigh, North Carolina and Oklahoma City, ahead of a planned summit meeting next week.

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DARPA researchers to push the limits of reading and writing human brain neurons

This week neuroscientists met with DARPA in Arlington, Virginia, to embark on a project breaking Stevenson’s Law.

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Now that AI has mastered 'Go,' are all our jobs next?

One by one, artificial intelligence has overcome the obstacles set before it. Is this all part of an inevitable trend leading to humanity's obsolescence -- or, at least, unemployment?

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Want to secure a Windows PC? Turn off Administrator rights

Windows malware can be prevented by turning off a user's administrator rights.


Make a $40 Linux or Android PC with new Raspberry Pi 2 rival

If you want to build a powerful $40 Linux or Android PC with 4K video support, consider Hardkernel's Odroid-C2 computer.


Internet Archive's malware museum takes you back to the days of cheeky viruses

The Internet Archive is creating a repository of the darker aspects of computer culture: malware.

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Apple confirms iPhone-killing “Error 53,” says it’s about security

The iPhone’s mysterious "Error 53" bug is tied to Touch ID tampering, at least according to Apple.

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3D printing to make NFL debut at Super Bowl 50

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis is using a 3D-printed sleeve to protect his surgically repaired broken arm so he can play in Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos.

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Researcher finds serious flaw in Chromium-based Avast SafeZone browser

A Google security researcher found a serious vulnerability in the Avast SafeZone browser that doesn't exist in Chromium, the open-source browser that serves as its foundation.

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CoreOS launches Rkt- the container that’s not Docker

CoreOS – a 2013 San Francisco startup backed by Google Ventures and $20 million in funding – is offering an alternative to the wildly popular Docker container runtime, which they say is more security-focused.

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How the economy affects career confidence in the world’s millennials

Young people in emerging economies possess a brighter outlook toward their technology prowess and job opportunities than those in developed countries, according to a report by IT outsourcing provider Infosys.

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Edward Yourdon remembered for 'great wisdom about everything IT'

If you're interested in emerging IT problems and trends, there’s a good chance you've read something by Edward Bourdon, who passed away recently at 71.


Man turns tables on scammers

Like countless others, Seth had gotten scammers' phone calls from people who said they wanted to fix his computer. The last time they called, he was ready to turn the tables.

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Dridex banking malware mysteriously hijacked to distribute antivirus program

An unknown person -- possibly a white hat hacker -- gained access to some of the servers that cybercriminals use to distribute the Dridex online banking Trojan and replaced the malware with an installer for Avira Free Antivirus.


The Neutrino exploit kit has a new way to detect security researchers

The developers of the Neutrino exploit kit have added a new feature intended to thwart security researchers from studying their attacks.

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