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FBI snags group that allegedly pinched 23,000 or $6.7 million worth of iPhones

The FBI today said it had arrested a group of men in connection with the theft of 23,000 Apple iPhones from a cargo area at the Miami International Airport in April.

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The PDF format finally reaches 2.0 release

Long after Adobe gave up ownership of Portable Document Format (PDF), the group behind the format is finishing up a revision. It is expected to be available in 2017.


Samy Kamkar hacks IoT security camera to show exploitable dangers to enterprise

7 types of IoT devices can be hacked in 3 minutes: Samy Kamkar hacks IoT security camera to show exploitable dangers to enterprise.

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Google Fiber puts expansion plans on hold to review strategy

In a dramatic change in strategy, Google Fiber has paused plans to roll out fiber optic cables across a number of U.S. cities, as the company reevaluates its strategy to presumably use mainly wireless to provide high-speed Internet...

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10 things Apple's new Macs could (and should) copy from the PC

Everyone wants to know what the new Macs will have, and you need look no further than what's already been on the PC for months.

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Flash mobs the latest threat this holiday season

The holiday season rings in more than just higher sales for retailers. There's also more shoplifting and lower profit margins than the rest of the year, according to a report released today. Plus, this year, there's an extra surprise...

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Russian criminals' bank attacks go global

Russian cybercriminals have field tested their attack techniques on local banks, and have now begun taking them global, according to a new report -- and a new breed of mobile attack apps is coming up next.

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OwnBackup: Don't rely on SaaS vendors to do their own backup and recovery

OwnBackup is making a business out of what vendors should (arguably) do: secure and automated daily backups of SaaS and PaaS data.

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OpenStack: It’s interoperable after all

17 OpenStack cloud vendors completed the Interop Challenge, and the results prove OpenStack is interoperable.

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Was the Dyn DDoS attack actually a script kiddie v. PSN?

The massive DDoS attack that disrupted the internet address-lookup service Dyn last week was perhaps pulled off by a script kiddie targeting PlayStation Network and using Mirai malware to assemble a massive IoT botnet, according to...

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Dyn attack: US Senator wants to know why IoT security is so anemic

Sen. Mark Warner sent letters to FCC, FTC and DHS to find out what can be done to prevent attacks like the one that hit Dyn; how defend against botnet attacks like Mirai’s.

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Apple sales, profits fall again but a brighter outlook ahead

Apple recorded its third consecutive quarter of lower revenue as it fought lower demand for the iPhone and tough competition from lower-priced competitors.

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AWS quietly launches tool for migrating on-premesis apps to the cloud

Amazon is trying to simplify the process of moving legacy applications to the cloud with a new service that it quietly launched this week. The aptly-named Server Migration Service is designed to help IT teams set up the incremental...

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Intel wants to make its IoT chips see, think, and act

While ARM introduced two minuscule processor architectures with new security features on Tuesday, Intel unveiled its Atom E3900 chips with a focus on computer vision and industrial-grade timing.

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IBM looks into the future of A.I. at World of Watson

IBM executives touted the many uses and possibilities of its artificial-intelligence system at the opening of its World of Watson conference in Las Vegas.

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Financial experts forecast more bad news for Apple

Later today, Apple is expected to again announce a sales decline for its biggest product lines.

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Rise of the IoT machines

Who is responsible for preventing DDoS attacks involving IoT devices?

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Microsoft expands laptop trade-in program to cover Macs

Under Microsoft's expanded laptop trade-in program, you can trade in old MacBooks and get credit toward buying a new Surface.

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