Large scale attack hijacks routers through users' browsers

Researchers found a Web attack tool designed specifically to exploit vulnerabilities in routers and hijack their DNS settings

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Sharp phone cameras play slow-motion video at 2,100 fps

An image-processing feature adds copied frames to videos for slow-motion effects may be working on Etsy competitor

Artisan products could be a new category for the online retailer

BlackBerry cutting staff in smartphone unit

The company will continue to grow customer-facing teams and bring new talent in areas like IoT

Full Adult Friend Finder database offered for $17,000

The full database may contain payment card data, highly sought after by fraudsters


iPhone 7 rumor rollup: iGPS and an Android Galaxy concept

iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S rumors have been sparked by Apple's secretive acquisition of GPS technology vendor Coherent Navigation. And dreamers can check out an iPhone 7/Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge hybrid design.


Malware tricks users to elevate privileges, pwnage via Windows User Access Control

Do you click "Show details" after receiving the UAC prompt asking, "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" If you simply click yes after receiving the UAC prompt, then ShameOnUAC proof-of-concept...

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Why Apple's TV subscription service may be delayed

Apple's anticipated TV subscription service may not debut as early as many hoped

US Senate blocks NSA surveillance reform bill

A bill to extend certain provisions of the Patriot Act to July 31 was also blocked

Amazon rules Gartner's magical box

Either Amazon or Google may offer the better cloud deals, depending on the analyst

Google gives Android developers new tools for tracking app performance

Now in alpha, 'Fetch as Google' aims to help developers confirm that an app URI works and see how Google renders it

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IBM defends use of temp visa workers

A letter from IBM serves as both a defense of the H-1B program and an argument for its expansion.

US Senate leader pushes to extend NSA phone dragnet

The Senate may work into the weekend to find a deal on extending portions of the Patriot Act

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Microsoft offers Windows 10 carrot, threatens with stick

Microsoft has extended the Windows 10 carrot. Later it will brandish the stick

Cisco's IoE keeps abreast of cancer

iTBra developed with customer Cyrcadia is a sensor-based wearable for early detection

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Getting my first VCR was Very Cool, Really

The last video store in Cambridge, Hollywood Express, is closing. I remember getting my first VCR as clearly as I do my first bicycle … and my memory of the latter has the unfair advantage of having been captured on 18-mm film by my...

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Connected cars will overload mobile networks, report says

Look for gridlock on the airwaves along with your traffic jam. A new report is projecting a massive increase in data traffic over the next few years, caused not by smartphones, but by M2M and automobiles.

Adblock browsers for Android and iOS to keep mobile ads, tracking at bay

Both versions are expected to arrive during the third quarter, and an Android beta is already available

Torque G02 smartphone doesn't mind a saltwater dunk

The Torque G02 can be used for texting on a surfboard to snorkeling selfies

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