Xiaomi break outs of Asia, introduces phones to Brazil

Xiaomi is tapping Foxconn to build its phones in a local factory to reduce costs

Zuckerberg wants to be the Stephen Hawking of social relations

What makes humans social? Facebook's CEO wants to know.

Microsoft releases its second Windows 10 build in two days

Build 10159 comes with more than 300 bug fixes and a revised login screen

Kyvos serves up Hadoop on cubes

New software from Kyvos can format Hadoop data into OLAP repositories

The battle for the wireless networking crown is heating up

A flurry of new partnerships and announcements suggests the market is getting competitive.

percentage of electricity

16 facts about our slowly mutating energy consumption

Electricity consumption has slowed while the use of natural gas, wind, and solar have become larger portions-- with coal and nuclear becoming less -- of the nation's electricity generation between 2001-2013. That was one observation...

Surveillance court extends NSA's phone records collection

The program was extended for five months as it winds down

HP enterprise chief Bill Veghte to depart before company split

He's executive VP of the HP Enterprise Group, a $28 billion division that sells the company's servers, network and storage gear

Apple loses e-book antitrust appeal

The federal appeals court ruling is another setback in the company's attempt to justify its e-book sales practices

When Steve Ballmer laughed at the first iPhone

When the iPhone debuted eight years ago, not everyone thought it was going to be a success.

Robot apocalypse unlikely, but researchers need to understand AI risks

Experts say it's time to talk about some possible negative impacts of AI and how to avoid them

Microsoft Way

Microsoft to release cross-platform Visual Studio 2015 by July 20

With this announcement, it looks like Microsoft plans to release Windows 10, dev tools, and .NET framework all within two weeks.

Amazon releases open source cryptographic module

The s2n module could serve as a leaner replacement for the OpenSSL TLS module

EU sets June 2017 as date to end mobile roaming charges

A compromise on roaming regulations agreed on Monday night still needs approval from member states and the European Parliament

gmailicon greenbot

Kicking Google out of my life, Part 4: Goodbye, Gmail

Here are some alternative email services to Gmail, and the one that I picked while trying to kick Google services out of my digital life.

Internet of Things data privacy

Americans' have a 'right to eavesdrop' on what our IoT devices say about us

Are your ears burning? They should be because your Internet of Things devices are talking ABOUT you and you have a right to 'eavesdrop' and know what they are saying.

Cisco plans to buy security-as-a-service provider OpenDNS

OpenDNS provides Web filtering and malware protection services to 65 million users

An arguably ailing Engine Yard introduces commercial support for Deis Docker PaaS

You have to feel a certain sympathy for Engine Yard. The company was, a few years ago, one of the original platform as a service (PaaS) vendors. Alongside Heroku (later acquired by Salesforce in a high-profile deal), Engine Yard...

FIDO two-factor authentication goes wireless

The FIDO Alliance is issuing a new specification for FIDO to support Bluetooth, low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) and near field communications (NFC) wireless technologies in two-factor authentication tokens, according to FIDO Alliance...

Cisco to buy OpenDNS to boost Security Everywhere initiative

Cisco plans to buy up Internet security service provider OpenDNS for $635 million in cash plus other considerations to enhance its Security Everywhere initiative.

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