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unbundling mobile apps

An Inside Look at LinkedIn’s ‘Unbundling’ Mobile Strategy

LinkedIn has embraced a multi-app strategy and now has a family of six separate apps -- from job search to tailored news -- but is there such a thing as too many apps?

11 Internet of Things ideas worth watching

Cisco solicits IoT ideas in Innovation Grand Challenge

Free, fast Windows updates are the future -- and they could hurt PC sales

Microsoft has accelerated Windows' release schedule, which could bode ill for PC makers hoping to goose sales.

VMware calls new “hyper-converged” system a building block for software-defined data centers

VMware system virtualizes compute, network and storage.

Manage infrastructure convergence without losing your grip

Admins will wear many hats as they tackle the infrastructure convergence brought on by rampant data and application growth


Chrome sings 'When I'm 64' on Windows

Google has released a 64-bit Windows version of Chrome, touting it as a performance and stability improvement over the six-year-old 32-bit edition.

freescales automotic wireless power ic

Freescale introduces multi-standard, programmable wireless charging chips

Freescale's new integrated chips contain programmable firmware that allows two charging specifications and can be tailored to transmit data between a mobile device and charger.


Annoying cubicle behavior

Similar to the passenger sitting in front of you on an airplane, there are annoying behaviors to endure around your own cube.

tech education

Pluralsight bags $135M to fortify online coding, tech course offerings

Pluralsight, a Salt Lake City e-learning company that offers video-based courses on everything from Windows 8 to WebRTC to Apple iOS, has raised a fresh $135 million in venture funding.

The new Microsoft under Satya Nadella

The Microsoft CEO has set new goals, taken some decisive actions, moved ahead with works already in progress and made Wall Street happy

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Toss routers with hardcoded passwords, expert says

Sometimes it is best to toss security-challenged technology, and that's the recommendation experts are giving to small businesses using a flawed router from a China-based manufacturer.

napa quake aftermath

In Napa quake, power surges led to PC damage

The 6.0 earthquake in Napa County, Calif. caused power surges that may have led to much of the damage to computers in homes and small businesses.


Cleveland Indians turn to SIEM in malware, botnet battle

Security and information event management goes beyond traditional anti-virus tools for baseball’s Tribe.

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Global e-commerce doubles as shoppers get more adventurous

Shoppers around the world are becoming a bit more adventurous and a lot more focused on buying what they're hunting for online, according to a Nielsen study.

Seagate 6TB drive

Seagate scoffs at helium, ships world’s first 8TB hard drive

After sending out samples to some customers last month, Seagate today announced the general availability of its highest capacity 3.5-in hard drive.

uis mobileapp

Verizon Says Passwords Suck, QR Codes Offer Better Way

Verizon adds QR code logins to its Verizon Universal Identity Services portfolio to streamline authentication while making it more secure.

HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords that can pose fire and burn hazards

There have been almost 30 reports of power cords overheating and melting


VMware takes its best shot at cloud market

At VMWorld 2014, the cloud is a central theme, but company still has a lot of work to do.

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