Cisco might ONIE up

Company says, then doesn't, that Nexus 9K supports open source boot loader

2014 mercedes benz s63 amg 3qtr

reboot cloud security

What happens inside Amazon when there’s a Xen vulnerability

When a Xen vulnerability is found, Amazon security engineers scramble to respond.

030315 samsung galaxy s6 s6 edge mwc 2015

How Samsung's Galaxy S6 stacks up against Apple's iPhone 6 line

The premium design of Samsung's new Galaxy S6 devices is good enough to keep Android defectors from switching to iOS. Whether it converts iOS users into Android users remains to be seen.

Intel's Skylake chips to appear in tablets, PCs, servers

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich says partners, including PC makers, are looking forward to Skylake

secureworld boston

Should I be scared of the guy sitting next to me at this security conference?

SecureWorld Boston brings out the threats

030415blog hillary clinton checks her email

A question about Clinton’s ‘homegrown’ email

Let’s say that you received an email from between 2009 and 2013. What would you do?

tech support frustration

Fake Microsoft tech support scammer threatens to cut up victim, toss pieces into river

There's a new twist on the old scam of fake Microsoft tech support calls. This time the scammer threatened to cut up a man and throw the pieces into the river.

FTC targets group that made billions of robocalls

FTC and 10 state attorneys general settle with vacation services group that made massive robocall across the country.

030415 nvidia grid video game gaming streaming

Review: Nvidia's Grid is like Netflix Instant streaming for games

I tried out Nvidia's instant streaming service for video games, and I was pleasantly surprised with how it performed.

Future Wi-Fi

Meru Networks targets growing market for cloud-managed Wi-Fi

With a solution aimed at small businesses but which could apply to larger organizations, Meru Networks is turning to the cloud for plug-and-play Wi-Fi.

030415 pebble time smartwatch

Pebble smartwatch sets second Kickstarter record, and it's not done yet

Over two years after breaking a Kickstarter funding record to get its smartwatch off the ground, Pebble returned to the crowdfunding site to fund its new watch, the Pebble Time.

byod mobile tablets smartphones users devices

Smartphones are about to become network hubs

Broadcom's latest chipset will run 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi simultaneously. That changes everything in terms of media bandwidth and multiple IoT connections. India hopes to reach 100 countries in a year, up from six now, which already offers free Internet service in six countries, has ambitious plans to connect to 100 countries.

galaxys6 mwc 8216

How will Samsung Pay compare to Apple Pay?

Besides its catchy name, of course!

Net neutrality will put U.S. behind Europe, Cisco's Chambers says

Cisco wants carriers to be able to sell specialized services

Momentum grows around Microsoft's Windows 10 for phones

Smartphone makers and chip companies announce support for Microsoft's Windows 10 handset OS

Budget smartphones shine at Mobile World Congress

These days they have HD screens or better and octa-core processors

1 ice bar

Backyard ice bar gets cooler with 3D printing

We upped the tech quotient of our backyard ice bar with coasters made from 3D-printed forms.

00 intro 6productsprivacy

DARPA to target cyber privacy protection tech

DARPA said: “The ability to analyze large amounts of aggregated personal data can help businesses optimize online commerce, medical workers address public health issues, and governments interrupt terrorist activities. However,...

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