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You don’t know Docs from Drive: Google’s productivity apps, explained

Docs or Drive? Apps for Business or Drive for Work? Follow our guide to determine which Google service offers what, and which one is best for you.


BlackBerry's BBM comes to Windows Phone in beta form ahead of widespread launch

Blackberry's messaging app heads to Microsoft's platform after 'an incredible number of requests.'

Why Samsung needs to move beyond Android -- and Google

The company's profit problems show its hardware focus isnt enough

The benefits of converged network and application performance management

A converged Application Performance Management (APM) and Network Performance Management (NPM) solution gives organizations actionable information to resolve the most challenging performance concerns in minutes.

Shipping companies' computers compromised by malware-infected Chinese scanners

Malware-infected scanners sold by a Chinese manufacturer led to the theft of sensitive financial and operational data from at least a half-dozen U.S. and European logistics and shipping companies.

Court case offers a peek at how H-1B-fueled discrimination works

One-third of Infosys worksites have 100% Asian workers, lawsuit alleges

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Government Cloud Use Requires a Culture Shift

If government CIOs are the only voice in their agency championing the shift to cloud computing, it can be a lonely fight. That's why leaders say they need support from the upper echelons of their agencies as well as the business units.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

CEO Nadella issues manifesto to shake up Microsoft

A broad manifesto issued by CEO Satya Nadella seems designed to light a fire under Microsoft’s workforce in order to reach the new goal he has set for the company: reinventing productivity.

Worst data breaches of 2014…So far

For the first half of this year that is

Polycom WebRTC diagram

How WebRTC Is Making Enterprise Inroads

The open source standard for browser-based real-time communication, known as WebRTC, is beginning to take root in call centers and other environments where users need quick access to voice, text and video communication capabilities....

amazon web services summit

5 key takeaways from Amazon’s big cloud day

Amazon challenges Box with file share services, attempts to woo mobile app developers


Blackshades RAT analysis finds key to popularity

An analysis of the notorious Blackshades remote administration tool, which was at the center of a global criminal network, found the toolkit rich in features bound to attract nontechnical criminals.


Bell Labs claims new speed record over regular old copper wiring

10Gbps speed reached using experimental new protocol.

Google, Dropbox band together to fight patent trolls

A new group seeks to provide its members insulation against attacks by patent trolls

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What vacation? Expect to work while you're away

The situation's getting worse for some, but many CIOs are aware and are doing what they can to mitigate it.

IBM rethinking decades-old computer design with $3 billion investment

IBM is also looking ahead at a world in which computer chips don't have silicon

Microsoft says new hybrid storage options can cut costs up to 60%

Microsoft Azure StorSimple storage options mix on premises with cloud resources.

Hero hacks: 14 Raspberry Pi projects primed for IT

VoIP PBXes, NTP servers, Web-controlled power strips -- hack together one of these handy, cheap solutions for the server closet and beyond

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