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RSA to feature talk by hacker whose ‘funny’ tweet got him yanked from a plane

One World Labs Founder Chris Roberts spent hours detained by the FBI after he tweeted about “playing with” communications systems aboard the plane he was on.

US intelligence outfit wants the ultimate quantum qubit

That’s why a program IARPA will detail next month called LogiQ, will build a logical qubit from physical qubits and push for higher fidelity in multi-qubit operations which it hopes will develop vigorous quantum processors.

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Ben and Jerry's spoofs Apple's '1984' ad in new BRRR-ito commercial

Ahead of a new Ben and Jerry's ice cream burrito, Ben and Jerry's released an incredible new spoof of Apple's iconic "1984" ad

Gurucul identifies cloud threats based on identity, behaviors

Gurucul is extending its identity-based threat detection to cloud-based applications with a new platform that monitors who has access to what and what they are doing with it.

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Microsoft showed us the future of Office, and here are the 5 things it must improve

The new universal apps promise a seamless experience, but we're not quite there yet.

FCC moves toward 'historic' spectrum sharing plan

Commissioners vote to open up 3.5GHz spectrum band to commercial use in the coming years

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Keep Windows 10 preview up to date -- or face a dead PC

Testers running Windows 10's preview must keep the OS relatively up to date or face a bricked PC that soon won't boot.

Cisco router feature open to exploit

Default embedded packet capture could expose sensitive data

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8 cloud companies to watch following MONSTER funding week

Investors this week poured at least $350 million into cloud computing companies focused on everything from security to Hadoop clusters to industry-specific apps.

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Google seeks $19.8M tax break in Iowa

Google needs a tax break like Bill Gates needs food stamps, yet that isn’t stopping the search giant from asking for $19.8 million in “economic development incentives” from Iowa.

Cloud news this week: HP doesn’t actually quit public cloud; VCs love containers; Watson gets healthy

Recapping the busy week in cloud new

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Experts boost threat level, call for patching critical Windows bug ASAP

Security experts today called for Windows users to immediately patch one of the 26 vulnerabilities Microsoft disclosed on Tuesday.

LA school district seeks millions from Apple over iPad software woes

This is the latest chapter in the dramatic and complex project of supplying all Los Angeles public school students with an iPad

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Google to pull Chrome plug on Windows XP at year's end

Google on Thursday announced it will shut down support for Chrome on Windows XP at the end of the year.

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Study: Self-driving cars will make a lot of people sick

A recent study concluded that self-driving cars could cause an increase in motion sickness.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise just released its new logo, and it's really boring

HP released a new logo for its Enterprise division

Eyes turn to Ericsson, Juniper

Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent deal could ignite merger mania in telecom

MIT researchers develop wearable thumbnail-mounted wireless controller

Researchers at MIT have come up with a novel way to interact with wireless devices – a miniaturized trackpad so small that it can be stuck onto a user’s thumbnail.

IBM unbolts vast threat database to fight cybercrimes

IBM offers third-party threat data and real-time indicators of live attacks, which could combat cybercrimes.

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