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The 6 things you need to know about Apple's best quarter ever

It wasn't just Apple's best quarter ever. It was the best quarter any company has ever had, ever.

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Google gives VMware huge public cloud boost

VMware announced a partnership with Google Thursday that could go a long way toward making VMware more competitive in the public cloud market.


DDoS attack size up 50-fold over past decade

The size of the largest DDoS attack was fifty times larger last year than ten years ago, according to a new survey of Internet service and hosting providers, and attacks are also increasing in numbers and in sophistication

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One-in-five developers now works on IoT projects

Evans Data Corp., which provides research and intelligence for the software development industry, estimated that 19% of developers worldwide are now doing IoT-related work

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Bill Gates tells Reddit about his mysterious 'personal agent' project at Microsoft

If it isn't Cortana, then what is it? The man who built Microsoft didn't elaborate, but he did have some cautionary words for the development of artificial intelligence over the next 30 years.

Microsoft continues cross-platform tear, releases Outlook for iOS, Android

Microsoft today launched Outlook for iOS and Android, a rebranded version of startup Acompli's app, to replace the oft-derided Outlook Web App.

Server upgrades coming

Driven by new Ethernet speeds and cloud services, market trackers predict churn

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AWS launches WorkMail for the enterprise

Amazon Web Services today launched a new product to its expansive service catalog in the cloud: WorkMail is a hosted email platform catering to enterprises.

Was Apple's strong quarter built on iPhone upgrades?

The number of new customers Apple created last quarter is as important as its record-setting financial performance.

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Review: Kdenlive, the Linux video editor I want to use

Finally, a video editor for hobbyists that runs well on Linux.


FAA warns drone owners: Stay away from the Super Bowl

In an FAA Notice to Airmen the agency says that anyone violating the rules may be “intercepted, detained and interviewed” by law enforcement or security personnel. Besides possibly landing a violator in jail, flying an unmanned...

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Oh, snap! There goes the snowblower

Early this morning I give the snowblower a pull, the grip snaps off in my hand, the cord disappears inside, and the neighbors hear that McNamara fellow utter a relatively mild curse word.

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Data Privacy Day: IBM launches Identity Mixer, an anonymous credential system

IBM's Identity Mixer is an anonymous credential system that enables strong authentication and privacy at the same time.

IBM to offer research tech that protects user privacy, security

Known as Identity Mixer the technology basically prevents third parties or those looking to steal personal information from ever accessing such data in the first place by revealing only selected data to service providers.

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Sorry Buddy: One Tech Company Super Bowl XLIX Commercial That Won't Air

In rounding up the techiest Super Bowl XLIX commercials for you yesterday I saw a mention that web site domain provider Go Daddy was going to rely on scantily clad women as well as animals to spread its message during the game. Little...

Big Switch updates SDN controller options

Big Switch Networks this week rolled out a new release of its cloud fabric software, which includes support for VMware vSphere environments and Dell switches, among other features.

Wi-Fi growth set to drive sales of new Ethernet speeds

Enterprises will snap up 2.5-Gigabit and 5-Gigabit Ethernet as they upgrade wireless LANs, Dell'Oro said

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Twenty-eight percent of security spending wasted on shelfware

The average organization spent $115 per user on security-related software last year, but $33 of it, or 28 percent, was underutilized or not used at all, according to a new report from Osterman Research

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