Lumia 950 XL

Can Microsoft's new phones save its mobile ambitions?

Microsoft wants its new phones to drive interest in Windows 10 Mobile. Will that work?


Digital Guardian buys Code Green to gain data-loss prevention tech

Endpoint security vendor Digital Guardian has bought Code Green Networks, which makes data loss prevention appliances for businesses.

low power lead image

How Amsterdam is getting the most out of its city-wide IoT network

LoRaWAN could be the ideal IoT network. An open-source, crowd-sourced variant has just been launched in Amsterdam.


Robohon robot doubles as smartphone

Sharp's cute robot is on show at the Ceatec electronics show outside Tokyo.

p6 man drawing cloud security

CloudPassage works towards FedRAMP for AWS GovCloud

Government use cases are increasingly seen as attractive business for cloud vendors, but with that come some strict requirements.

phishing cyber theft hacked scam

Cisco disrupts $60M ransomware biz

Finds Angler servers at a Dallas hosting provider during research

100615blog for sale by owner

Happy to help the owner of

Being helpful has always been one of my favorite parts of this job, so it was with some pleasure that I had the following exchange on Twitter with Garin Kilpatrick, a writer, marketing and social media strategist.


Lumia 950: What you need to know

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL can connect to a full size monitor and keyboard to run like a desktop.

first look microsoft devices 1

First Look: Microsoft’s big new device announcements

Microsoft makes a splash with a host of brand new gadgets.

Surface 3

Microsoft's Surface tablet makes its way into more airline cockpits

Microsoft recently announced that it will help replace bulky, outdated airline manuals with Surface 3 tablets for two new airlines.

servers data center

Arista launches new security feature to cover growing East-to-West data center traffic

Arista Networks announced Macro-Segmentation Services (MSS), a new capability for its CloudVision product.


Surface Pro 4: What you need to know

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 has a new keyboard and is 30 percent faster than Surface Pro 3.


Gartner: Top 10 strategic predictions that could shake up IT

The robots decidedly have it. They will help run businesses, make decisions for you and maybe even be your boss. Those were just some of the predictions put forth by Gartner vice president Daryl Plummer at the consultancy’s always...

p6 man drawing cloud security

When it comes to security, trust but verify

If you want to help employees do their best work, and appeal to Millennials both in and outside of IT, corporate assets should be fully available unless there's a good reason to limit access.

virginia rometty ibm ceo

Machines will learn just like a child, says IBM CEO

Technology is shifting to intelligent machines with a capability to reason, said IBM Chairman and CEO Virginia Rometty at Gartner's Symposium ITxpo. These machines won't replace humans, but will augment them. It is a technology that...


Microsoft Surface Book: What you need to know

The Surface Book is Microsoft's first convertible computer and will start shipping October 26, 2015 and start at $1,499.

microsoft band

Curved new Microsoft Band blends sensor-laden hardware with cloud-based smarts

Microsoft revealed the new Microsoft Band at its Tuesday hardware event, and it intertwines hardware and software.


Microsoft's flagship Lumia 950 and 950XL will lead Windows 10 Mobile with premium specs

The first Windows 10 flagship phones have high-quality cameras, liquid-cooled processors, and Continuum support.

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