Starbucks hit by major computer failure

Stores appear to be affected across the country, with some giving out free drinks

Facebook's impressive aerial photo highlights confusion over drone regulations

In releasing a drone photo of its new campus, it appears to have broken two FAA regulations

random startup website generator

Hilarious random startup website generator is pretty damn realistic

A pair of Georgia Tech computer science students have created a Random Startup Website Generator that spits out a different jargon-laden startup website every time you click on the URL.

4 8 nrc evaluates nasas orbital debris programs

Scientists want to blast space debris with a space station-mounted laser

The RIKEN EUSO telescope, which will be used to find debris, was originally planned to detect ultraviolet light emitted from air showers produced by ultra-high energy cosmic rays entering the atmosphere at night. “We realized that we...

Friday is your last chance to comment on the FAA's drone regulations

Commercial drones could take widespread flight as early as 2016


Why Red Hat is tackling BPM

Red Hat has embedded a business resource planner to help developers build applications to solve complex optimization and scheduling problems.

Teardown of Apple Watch shows sensor could measure blood oxygen levels

To reach the watch's inner components, iFixIt used a "destructive process" that would make it "impossible" for a person to repair the watch

wireless symbol istockphoto

Patents show Google Fi was envisioned before the iPhone was released

Patent filings from 2007 reveal that Google anticipated the need for cheap, fast mobile networks before the iPhone and first Android phones were announced.

Google Project Fi

Here's what reply to Google Fi invite request looks like

Just in case you've been curious about Google's Project Fi wireless service but haven't wanted to get on yet another Google list, I've done the dirty work for you and asked for an invite for myself.

Consumer groups dance on the grave of Comcast-TW deal

They say the deal's collapse is good for customers

With ransomware on the rise, cryptographers take it personally

The security industry is not doing enough and it's going to get worse, they said


Is this tree playing music?

The Listen Tree is a research project that uses a transducer to play music and ambient sounds. Get close and you'll hear.


Acer back-to-school lineup includes new Chromebook and Windows laptops

The Taiwanese company also gave a sneak peak at a whole new range of gaming products and wearables.


World Tech Update: April 24, 2015

On WTU this week two US agencies warn airlines about hackers, a robot explores a crippled nuclear power plant in Japan and stilts give virtual worlds steps.

042415blog marilyn monroe impersonator

Does this Marilyn Monroe impersonator violate RSA's ban on booth babes?

RSA has banned "booth babes" from its annual security conference that was held this week. Vendors complied. However, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator was present. Fair? Foul? Loophole?

F5's new CEO Manny Rivelo has big shoes to fill

Living up to John McAdam's legacy as F5 Networks' CEO won't be easy, but Manny Rivelo just might be the man to do it.

young workers

Median age at Google is 29, says age discrimination lawsuit

A software engineer who was 60 when he applied for a job at Google wasn't hired despite having "highly-pertinent qualifications and experience," and being described by a Google recruiter as a "great candidate," according to an...

Google Project Fi

Project Fi's winners and losers

Project Fi, Google's Wi-Fi and cellular network service, can be described as low-cost, disruptive, cutting edge, tantalizing, confusing, even awesome. Here's a look at those who could gain from the new service, and those who could...

Infosys invests in cloud, health monitoring market

The outsourcer said it is facing price pressure in its core outsourcing areas

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, April 24

Comcast-Time Warner merger may be falling apart... Amazon finally discloses cloud numbers... Microsoft services make up for weak PC market

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