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Microsoft and IBM keep the pressure on Amazon’s cloud

Deep-pocketed companies Microsoft and IBM are keeping the pressure on AWS with a flurry of announcements to close out the year.

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Worst security breaches of the year 2014: Sony tops the list

The breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment is clearly the biggest data breach of 2014, but theft of credit card numbers from retailers dominated the biggest cyber thefts.

U.S. on Sony breach: North Korea did it

U.S. officials now believe North Korea is behind the attack that took down Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer network and posted contents on the Internet, but the government hasn’t decided whether to formally accuse the country...

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Financial firms pause private cloud plans to mull public cloud

There's been a seachange in the way financial firms are evaluating the cloud

Suing Arista was always the plan

Cisco didn't want a royalty arrangement; it wanted revenge

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Microsoft’s $84 million man: What’s Nadella done to earn it?

Satya Nadella has made some bold moves since taking over as Microsoft CEO Feb. 4 that have set in motion what could prove to be significant changes for the company and its customers. Here’s a look at some of them.

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Some theaters cancel 'The Interview' after Sony hackers threaten 9/11-style attack

After Sony hackers issued a warning that referenced 9/11 to theaters that will show ‘The Interview,’ the New York premiere was canceled and other theaters backed out of showing the movie. Sony has been hit with lawsuits, blaming Sony...

The Sony breach may be start of new nation-state cyberattack

It has been an exceptional year for IT security breaches and part of an escalating trend in destructive attacks, and it's going to get worse.

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Organized criminals targeting individual iPhone, Android users

A well organized criminal group is targeting both iOS and Android users with highly targeted man-in-the-middle attacks, according to a new threat advisory from Akamai Technologies

Human error root cause of November Microsoft Azure outage

The November 18-19 outage was caused by an update that Microsoft personnel assumed to be sound, but wasn't

Judge: No Steve Jobs for you

A federal judge Wednesday ruled that a two-hour video deposition recorded by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs will not be released to the press and public.

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Sony cancels release of "The Interview" due to hacker threats

Sony has cancelled the release of the upcoming comedy "The Interview" due to threats of violence

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Will Microsoft sue the makers of Adblock Plus?

European publications claim Microsoft could go after the ad-blocking service, but without citing sources.

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Chinese Android phone maker hides secret backdoor on its devices

Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad has built an extensive "backdoor" into its Android devices that can track users, serve them unwanted advertisements and install unauthorized apps, a U.S. security firm alleged today

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New ransomware avoids hitting the same victim twice

A new strain of ransomware, OphionLocker, generates a unique hardware identifier for each new infected machine so that it can avoid hitting the same victim twice


Did Alcatraz escapees survive? Computer program says they might have

First a little background: According to US Marshals history of the Alcatraz event, on the night of June 11, 1962, the three escaped through vents in the prison and made their way to the northeast part of the island, where they...

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Apple halts online sales in Russia due to volatility of the Ruble

Apple earlier this week halted all online sales in Russia due to extreme volatility in the Russian Ruble.

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1987: Jobs explains mouse to Playboy

Spotted this one on Reddit’s section devoted to the “mildly interesting:” In a 1987 interview with Playboy -- which we read back then for the articles, if you recall -- Steve Jobs was asked what’s up with this mouse contraption.

Revamping the cloud for real-time applications

Increase in use of real-time applications is creating problems for the cloud.

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