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Open source companies to watch

By , Network World
August 28, 2006 12:10 AM ET

Network World - Open source software is a given in most enterprise data centers, so it's not surprising to see the ranks of open source companies and projects swell. It's not just Linux anymore - community-developed software is offering alternatives for everything from databases to application servers to network management to disaster preparedness. How do you know which open source approach is right for you? We've pulled out a few start-ups that you might not be familiar with, but we think should be on your radar.

Here are ten open source start-ups to watch (jump into our forum to discuss which companies you're watching):

Company name: Cleversafe

Founded: November 2004

Location: Chicago

What does the company offer? The Linux File System, which lets Linux computers store information on a dispersed storage grid called the Cleversafe Research Storage Grid. The company plans to offer commercial dispersed-data storage services and software.

Why is it worth watching? As companies start taking a closer look at building grids, Cleversafe provides an open source platform to serve as the foundation for commercial dispersedstorage grids that provide secure storage because data components are scrambled and stored in separate locations.

How did the company get its start? The founders were looking for a better way to secure the world's data.

How did the company get its name? A clever approach to secure computing.

CEO and background: Christopher Gladwin, formerly of MusicNow.

Funding: Private, plus angel investors, amount not disclosed.

Who's using the product? There have been nearly 800 downloads of the software from, where the project is hosted, since the grid was announced in April.

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