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Five ways to prevent data theft by iPod

Options include endpoint security and plain old education

By , Network World
April 09, 2007 02:12 PM ET

Network World - Here is a sampling of the ways your organization can protect itself from data theft via iPods and other such portable storage devices:

1. Educate users. Make corporate policies regarding the use of removable media clear by including “iPod” and “MP3 players” in the text.

2. Consider endpoint security products that learn what the organization deems sensitive and blocks that data from being copied without authorization. Note that some of these products only alert an employee when unauthorized action is being taken; others prevent copying.

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3. Also consider endpoint security software that captures forensic information, so that a legal case can be constructed against the employee in the event of data theft.

4. An alternative to content-aware software is policy-based encryption, products that can automatically encrypt data based on parameters such as where it is being copied to.

5. In some scenarios, such as a financial services company, it may make sense to ban the use of iPods for employees who come in close contact with sensitive data, like traders, but allow their use in other areas.

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