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Radware buys Covelight Systems

Combined technologies give real-time analysis to Web application transactions

By , Network World
April 30, 2007 12:33 PM ET

Network World - Radware Monday is announcing the purchase of Covelight Systems and plans to blend Radware’s application-delivery gear with its own analytical software that triggers network responses to business threats and opportunities based on embedded business logic.

Radware says the $16 million acquisition signals a shift in direction for the company to what it calls the Business-Smart Network.

With Radware’s APSolute and Covelight’s Inflight appliances, a business will be able to identify business processes in Web transactions and respond to them automatically. For instance, if an online customer appears to be seeking a loan, the network could trigger a customer relations agent to call that customer, says Roy Zisapel, Radware's CEO.

Similarly, if a Web transaction deviates from normal in a way that indicates fraud is taking place, the network could be instructed to sever that transaction, he says.

Covelight has integrated its equipment with many individual back-end business applications to feed those programs analyzed data that can improve business efficiency. The company, for example, has integrated its gear with ArcSight ESM risk management software so it receives only groomed data relevant to the ArcSight ESM platform's making security information-event management decisions.

Without the Covelight gear, batch log files would have to be sorted separately to give ArcSight the data it needs after a delay. In combination with Inflight, the data is fed real-time to ArcSight, according to Covelight.

Radware says executives at Covelight will be incorporated in Radware’s management hierarchy. No layoffs will result from the purchase and the company may hire in order to develop the Covelight products, Zisapel says.

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