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Dual-mode deployments expected to spur VoIP on wireless LANs

Marriage of Wi-Fi, cellular networks aims to give users free-ranging mobility

By , Network World
July 16, 2007 12:09 AM ET

Network World - Avaya plans to team up today with Nokia to support dual-mode Wi-Fi/cellular phones as the race to link cell phones with corporate VoIP systems heats up.

Specifically, the companies plan to announce that the combination of Avaya’s one-X Mobile Dual Mode Edition software on Nokia Eseries phones and Avaya Communications Manager IP PBXs will let users make and receive corporate phone calls on the mobile devices. The software to upgrade the phones is available.

Earlier this year, Nokia demonstrated dual-mode support for Cisco and Alcatel VoIP equipment, setting the stage for an expected jump in the popularity of these roaming devices. Siemens and Divitas also announced similar dual-mode capabilities earlier this year.

According to Infonetics, demand for dual-mode phones will increase over the next two years as demand for single-mode Wi-Fi handsets dips. In a survey earlier this year, 23% of respondents say they use dual-mode phones now and that will grow to 30% in 2009.

In the same group, 45% say they use single-mode phones now and that will decrease to 34% in two years. As dual-mode phones become more available and affordable, businesses will prefer them to single mode, says Mattheus Machowinski, the Infonetics analyst who wrote the report.

Nortel sees the uptake of wireless as much broader issue, recently announcing plans to incorporate wireless capabilities in its network Ethernet access switches, so even workers tied to desks will have wireless VoIP phones and computers. The architecture would be appropriate for new sites where installing wireless gear would eliminate the need and expense of installing network-access wiring, Nortel says.

Nortel calls this architecture Unwired Enterprise, and products that support it are scheduled to ship next year.

In a nutshell, dual-mode phones are VoIP PBX extensions while on the wireless LAN (WLAN) and are standard cell phones when outside WLAN coverage areas. Avaya already teams up with Motorola to pass calls uninterrupted between the two types of wireless networks.

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