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IT grapples with overcrowded, energy-guzzling data centers

The EPA is getting serious about reducing power and cooling loads in data centers

By , Network World
September 20, 2007 04:09 PM ET

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Banishing energy parasites

Jack Pouchet, director of green initiatives for Emerson Network Power, told attendees there are some very simple, but often overlooked, ways to save on energy in the data center.

“Data center horror stories are amazing and would make great comic books," Pouchet said.

He named a number of things enterprises typically do wrong, such as using perforated tiles on raised floors in a hot aisle, which allows cooled air to infiltrate. Other examples include failing to use blanking plates in racks where servers or other network gear don’t exist, which lets hot air blow into cold aisles; and keeping the lights on 24/7 in a data center.

“We ball parked 250 to 300kW of energy savings we could get from the generator room, the lighting, the environmentals for the security system, the fire suppression system — things that were superfluous or parasitic losses," Pouchet said.
“These parasitic losses are things that are not core to your operations, they don’t support the servers, they don’t keep them running, they don’t keep them cool, they don’t process data, they don’t process storage."

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