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10 IT management start-ups to watch

Virtualization, application performance, software-as-a-service among management start-ups' focus areas

By , Network World
November 03, 2008 12:07 AM ET

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CEO: Mike Welling in 1999 founded Camwood and prior to that worked for GE Capital, commercially owning and delivering one of the company's largest global IT projects.

Funding: Foresight Group invested $3 million in April 2003, which Camwood used to develop the product and spin the company off earlier this year.

Who's using the product: AppDNA lists King's College London, Tube Lines (London Underground) and Newham Borough Council (host of 2012 Olympics) as customers.

Company: Apptio 

Founded: October 2007

Headquarters: Bellevue, Wash.

Focus: Developed technology, dubbed the Transparency Engine, that's delivered in a software-as-a-service model on a scheduled basis. The software measures how IT services are consumed and assigns financial metrics to the services to enable IT to establish charge-back programs or better communicate its value to the business, the company says.

Why it's worth watching: "Globalization, consumerization, new competitors and new service models are radically changing the shape of IT. IT leaders must develop greater transparency into the costs, utilization and operations of their IT services," says Barbara Gomolski, research vice president at Gartner.

Haight adds: "With virtualization, charge-back is percolating. IT is looking for ways to manage sprawl and proliferation, and charge-back can be used as a behavior-modification tool in that it makes it transparent to people what resources they are actually consuming."

How company got its start: Founded by President and CEO Sunny Gupta and CFO Kurt Shintaffer, who had previously worked together at iConclude.

How company got its name: Company officials say there is no deeper meaning to the name, but it sounded "crisp and no one else had it yet."

CEO: Gupta previously founded iConclude, a run-book automation vendor later acquired by Opsware for $62 million, which in turn was bought by HP. Prior to iConclude, Gupta ran the Java/.Net performance product management group at Mercury Interactive, also acquired by HP.

Funding: $7 million in Series A funding closed in November 2007 led by Greylock Partners and Madrona Venture Group.  Additional investors include: Ignition Partners; Shasta Venture Group; Marc Andreeseen (co-founded both Netscape and Opsware); Frank Artale (vice president of business development at Citrix Systems and former senior vice president at XenSource and CEO of Consera); and Ben Horowitz (co-founder and former CEO of Opsware).

Who's using the product: Alaska Airlines, Finlay Enterprises, HomeStreet Bank, Motricity, NYK Logistics and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City are listed among Apptio's customers.

Company: BlueStripe Software 

Founded: June 2007

Headquarters: Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Focus: FactFinder software, designed for VMware virtual server environments, performs an automatic discovery of the application and its components. It then details all connections and dependencies of the application, benchmarking normal behavior to enable the software to detect when performance anomalies occur.

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