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Four reasons to buy (and one reason to avoid) the Droid

Operating system, processing speed get high marks

By Brad Reed and Matt Hamblen, Network World
November 06, 2009 04:11 PM ET

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Reason to Avoid: The shallow keyboard

Creating a strong keyboard for a smartphone has repeatedly proven tricky for device manufacturers. If you make the keyboard too large, it leaves little room for a large touchscreen. If you embed the keyboard into the touchscreen, you lose the comfortable feel of pressing down on physical keys. The Droid tried to find some middle ground in its design by creating a thin slide-out keyboard that would not compete with the display screen for space on the device.

However, Motorola's attempt at balance has resulted in a keyboard that users have complained is too shallow to really get a feel for. The result is that users who have large fingers will find it more difficult to type on the Droid than on devices with more raised keyboards, such as the BlackBerry Tour. No device is perfect and the Droid's keyboard so far has emerged as its most glaring flaw. But look on the bright side: it will give Motorola something to work on when it eventually comes out with the Droid 2.

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