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12 CIOs who Tweet

Tweeting CIOs in the minority, but a few share their views on technology

By , Network World
January 07, 2010 12:06 PM ET

Network World - Many CIOs are banning employees from using Twitter and other social networks while at work – but a few brave CIOs have joined the popular site themselves and are sharing their views on technology and stories from their personal lives. (See related story, Facebook, Twitter becoming business tools, but CIOs remain wary.)

Here's a list of 12 CIOs who have joined the Twitter conversation, with examples of what they're writing. Also, check out our previous list of CIOs who Twitter here

Casey Coleman is CIO for the U.S. General Services Administration, where she manages a $500 million government IT program, and previously worked for Lockheed Martin. Coleman likes to use Twitter to share links, network with fellow IT executives and pass on some personal tidbits.

Example tweets: Got a new laptop at work today, and it has a solid state hard drive. Smokin' fast.

Words of wisdom from my father in law (true story): "Never choose a barber based on the advice of a bald man."

Nigel Fortlage is vice president of IT at GHY International, a brokerage company in Winnipeg. Fortlage joined GHY more than 20 years ago as its first full-time IT staffer and oversees all aspects of information technology at the company. Fortlage says he sees technology "as a tool, not an end game," and wears a Santa hat in his Twitter profile picture.

Example tweets: Thanks to a non follow tweet I received, I am now closing in on final choice for CRM, Thanks to all for your feedback, It is NOT Salesforce

I am on 23 twitter lists, many of them CIO related which is great, the most unique is @Nigel3333/all-the-nigel-s, what's in a name...

Jim Haughwout is CIO for Neighborhood America in Florida, which provides a social media platform for government and enterprise customers. Haughwout (pronounced "how-it") writes what he calls "The Corner Office Blog" about managing technology to drive business value, and has traveled to 69 countries in 17 years.

Example tweets: Charging For Checked Baggage: Airlines' Misunderstanding of Game Theory 

Have you restored your #privacy on #Facebook yet? Latest tips from @AlleyInsider 

Andrew Hoppin is CIO of the New York state Senate, where he has focused on engaging state residents through Web 2.0 technologies. Hoppin took on the newly created role of CIO at the Senate in February of last year, and previously managed a program at NASA that used technology such as Second Life to facilitate collaborations between the space agency and outside groups.

Example tweets: @jessykate any good white papers on how other gov'ts can build private clouds based on @NASAnebula at lowest possible cost?

Glad news of moving 2 #Drupal finally public! Hope 2 use WH-funded code on in the future

Scott Lowe is CIO for Westminster College in Fulton, Mo., and author of books on home networking, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Windows Small Business Server. Lowe likes to Tweet about the iPhone and VMware.

Example tweets: For the 4th gen iPhone, I hope apple addresses battery life and multitasking.

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