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The state of the data center: Part 1

By , Network World
January 11, 2010 12:00 AM ET

Network World - Symantec released its 2010 State of the Data Center study this week. The study conducted by Applied Research found that midsize enterprises of 2,000 to 9,999 employees are more likely to adopt technologies such as cloud computing, deduplication, replication, storage virtualization and continuous data protection than either small or large enterprise size businesses.

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The study with 1,780 respondents showed that midsize enterprises also place a higher importance on staffing and training and are more likely to make changes to their data centers and add new applications.

Respondents listed their data center initiatives in order: security (83%), backup and recovery (79%), continuous data protection (76%), server virtualization and storage resource management. These initiatives were followed by data archiving, energy savings, server consolidation, replication of backup data and storage virtualization.

As for disaster recovery, 80% had confidence in their plan. One-third said they have a plan that is undocumented or needs work. Forty-one percent said that cloud computing was not covered in their existing disaster recovery plan, over one-fourth of the respondents said that remote office operations were not included and 23% said that they had ignored virtual servers in their disaster recovery plan. One-third of the respondents have not re-evaluated their disaster recovery plan in the last 12 months. Not a good record as far as disaster recovery goes.

The median for the respondents was six data centers. Over half of the respondents said that reducing costs was their primary objective for 2010, followed by improving responsiveness and improving service levels.

There's a lot of important information in the rest of the report. Stay tuned for the next newsletter to find out.

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