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50 smartphone blogs: A whirlwind tour of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry sites

Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian devices also get their due in blogosphere

By , Network World
February 03, 2010 04:28 PM ET

Network World - There's quite a collection of good and colorful blogs that track iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerries and other smartphones and no shortage of overlapping coverage among them (How many different "scoops" on the Android-powered Motorola Devour phone did I come across today?). Some are written by professional reporters, others by unapologetic geeks and others by thinly-veiled marketers. Here's a spin through 50 of these mobile phone blogs, excluding more general gadget sites and including a few from my employer, IDG:

General smartphones

BGR (Boy Genius Report):  The mysterious Boy Genius and friends blog about mobile gadgets from Apple, RIM and others, and more often than not, are the first ones out with the information. Blog posts cover everything from the latest device rumors to straight financial news. One sign that this is a go-to site: The hundreds of comments posted by readers on the site's blog entries.

Cool Smartphone: Tackles Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android happenings. Refers to Windows Mobile as WinMo, and suggests Microsoft needs to make Windows Mobile cool by exploiting the goodwill from the Windows 7 rollout.

EngadgetMobile: Zeroes in on the most mobile of the gadgets that the broader Engadget website covers.

iFixit:This blog comes from a company that helps people fix their Macs and other Apple devices, but the highlight of the blog is the posts about hot new devices like the Nexus One smartphone from Google/HTC that they tear apart and look at from the inside.

IntoMobile: This blog is handled by a crew of 7 editors and has been around since 2005. IntoMobile's coverage spans all of the major wireless device vendors and carriers, features a slick system for navigating by vendor and boasts a page with financial information on key players as well. Video and audio content round things out on this site.

Know Your Cell: Technically, the site has less of a blog feel and more of a news site feel, with an emphasis on carrier offerings, devices and mobile apps, plus lots of How To pieces.

MobilitySite: A little less bloggy feeling than some of the others, covers the gamut from Windows Mobile to iPhones.

pdaBlast: Branches off into a bunch of more specific "Blast" sites, focused on BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, etc.

Tell it like it is: The very opinionated Andrew Seybold doesn't blog much more than a couple of times a month, though also mixes in commentary via an email newsletter. Topics range from Google Nexus 1 to wireless auctions, a particular hot button of his.

Google Android

Android Angle: Mark Murphy's weekly Network World blog includes topics such as hitting Android developers upside the head to get them to be more self-reliant and the latest on the Nexus One phone.

Androinica: One nice feature is a beginner's guide to Android.

Android Authority: Reports on everything from the latest phones to new Android collectibles. Not much action on the comments/community front.

Android Central: Part of the Smartphone Experts family of sites, this blog breaks news (such as on Google hiring a phone support team) and features hands-on reviews of the latest Nexus One, etc., products.

AndroidEverything: Usual collection of Android, Nexus One, etc., tidbits, plus an active forum community. Part of a blog network that includes less active Windows Mobile and BlackBerry sites.

AndroidGuys: The bloggers here (who keep their identities relatively discreet, but say they are not complete Google fanboys/fangirls) focus squarely on Google's Android mobile platform, covering carrier, handset and software news, dishing rumors, providing reviews and offering access to products for sale. The blog got going in 2007.

Google Mobile Blog: As far as vendor blogs go, Google's got it down pretty well, featuring a colorful collection of posts about new features.

Phandroid: Android phone fans: Claims to be first documented site (est. 2007) reporting exclusively on Android news.

RIM BlackBerry

Barack Obama's BlackBerry's Blog: Politics aside (and it's pretty hard to put them aside when reading through this anti-Obama blog), it is maybe the most creative approach to a smartphone-themed blog. The blogger goes by the handle "BlackBerry-1" and posts such sentiments as: "I have supplied the spiritual strength for Big-O since he first picked me up."

BBgeeks: A steady stream of BlackBerry news, complemented by a slew of carrier, hosted exchange and software reviews.

BlackBerry Cool: Around since 2005, this blog bills itself as the voice of the BlackBerry community, focused largely on apps and useful tips, including how to move from an iPhone to a BlackBerry.

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