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4G technology is on the horizon

By Network World Staff, Network World
March 31, 2010 10:06 AM ET

Network World - There is plenty of hype around 4G technologies but beyond the rhetoric some real implementations are happening. 4G technologies basically represent the next stage of wireless data technologies and generally deliver average download rates of 3Mbps or greater. In contrast, today's 3G networks typically deliver average download speeds about one-tenth of that rate. Here's a roundup of the latest coverage of the 4G world.

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The state of 4G in 2010

If you were to think of 4G wireless technologies as Harry Potter movies, then the first half of 2010 promises to be like the time spent waiting in between new releases. You can expect lots of exciting trailers and teasers that will tide you over, but don't expect to see any real action until the latter half of the year.

Q&A: Taking the early dive into 4G

The advent of 4G technologies such as WiMAX and LTE has generated a lot of buzz in the consumer market, particular for their potential to change the smartphone market.

Don't expect fireworks from LTE in 2010

While Long Term Evolution (LTE) is without a doubt one of the most hyped mobile data standards to come along in quite some time, you probably shouldn't expect the 4G network technology to make a big impact in 2010.

4G satellite company takes aim at cell carriers

There could soon be a new 4G-based carrier taking aim at cell providers. According to documents filed recently by the Federal Communications Commission, investment firm Harbinger Capital Partners plans to use its recent acquisition of satellite communications company SkyTerra to build out a 4G network of its own.

Podcast: 4G Phones of the Future!

Ginny Mies and Mark Sullivan are fresh out of Las Vegas and ready to talk about all of the brand-new cell phones and wireless technologies they saw at CTIA 2010.

Smartphone smackdown: HTC EVO 4G vs. Google Nexus One

When Google released its Nexus One smartphone earlier this year, it was intended to serve as a showcase for "Android done right." In other words, Google was hoping to set a new bar for Android device manufacturers by releasing a phone with a 1GHz processor that was significantly more powerful than what previous Android phones had used.

Will Your Next Laptop be 4G?

New smartphones with ultrafast 4G wireless broadband are making headlines, particularly Sprint's slick HTC EVO 4G handset. But laptop manufacturers are getting in on the 4G action too.

US Wireless Carriers Take Different Routes To 4G Service

The buzz over new, super-fast 4G networks is louder than ever. Everybody from handset makers to network infrastructure makers to app developers to network testing companies is talking about what they are doing to prepare for or participate in the movement of the entire ecosystem of wireless companies toward fast 4G service.

Sprint 4G Broadband: A Business Primer

Sprint has been aggressively promoting its expanding 4G wireless network at the recent CTIA show in Las Vegas. Verizon and AT&T are also pursuing 4G or LTE broadband, but Sprint--true to its name--is sprinting ahead to deliver 4G in more markets ahead of the competition.

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