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Clouds hang over Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010 launch

The Redmond giant takes on the cloud with the release of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

By Joab Jackson, IDG News Service
May 12, 2010 01:12 PM ET

IDG News Service - Microsoft has launched the newest versions of its Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint software packages.

Microsoft Business Division president Stephen Elop spoke before a packed studio at the famed NBC Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, the room where "Saturday Night Live" is broadcast. It was one of many launches the company is holding worldwide for the new products.

"It is a moment of fundamental change and there are a lot of reasons for this," Elop said, noting that organizations have tighter budgets and a more mobile workforce. Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 have been designed to meet these challenges, he said. "The 2010 products represent an epic release for Microsoft."

The NBC location seemed fitting and not just because the weather was cloudy outside: As mass media kingpin NBC finds itself both battling with and trying to adopt new forms of media, so too must Microsoft position its software packages as an essential part of office life while buzz steadily builds around new-fangled cloud computing.

Microsoft itself plans to offer hosted online versions of Office 2010, called Office Web Apps, later on this summer. The stand-alone software versions are available to businesses today. Elop noted that the software can be run either in-house or from the cloud and mobile versions for the Windows 6.5 and Windows 7 platforms will be available as well.

Such features are more than fancy trim, Elop argued. They will also help organizations save valuable time.

Working on behalf of Microsoft, IT analyst firm Forrester estimated that a 7,000 employee knowledge-worker focused business would save US$7 million a year upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010. The savings would come from the many time-saving features the suite has, explained Rob Koplowitz, principal analyst, Forrester Research.

For instance, one new feature, co-authoring, would save this large organization $3 million alone, with its ability to allow multiple people to work on the same document at the same time.

Elop said the new software will make workers so much more productive that it would pay for itself within a year. The software would offer the equivalent of two extra work weeks of work per employee per year.

Microsoft 2010 certainly has a bevy of new features, all aimed at greater efficiency and productivity. Perhaps most notably, the Outlook e-mail client has been revamped with more powerful management capabilities, such as the ability to handle threaded conversations. It also has what is called a Social Connector, or the ability to fuse social data from LinkedIn and Facebook. PowerPoint can now be used to make presentations viewable on the Internet. The ribbon interface has been streamlined and has been applied to all applications.

The suite also includes, for the first time, Microsoft's note-taking program, OneNote.

With this package, Microsoft has clearly taken a strong look at usability. Office now has something called "Paste Preview" which, as the name states, shows the user what the document would look like with the newly pasted item. It came about because Microsoft noticed that the feature most used after paste is undo.

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