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Former Diebold e-voting unit settles Ohio lawsuit

Premier Election Solutions will pay cash, equipment and discounts to settle suit over dropped votes in '08 primary

By Sharon Machlis, Computerworld
August 12, 2010 01:00 PM ET

Computerworld - Premier Election Solutions has agreed to pay $470,000 to 47 Ohio counties in order to settle a lawsuit filed two years ago over problems with equipment in a 2008 election, according to Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office . The suit sought damages over dropped votes in the state's March primaries.

In addition to a one-time cash payment, the settlement calls for up to $2.4 million in free software licensing and free new voting machines (up to 15% of the machines each county now owns). Counties can also receive a 50% discount on maintenance fees if they want a continued maintenance contract from Premier and a 50% discount on optical scan voting machines if they decide to switch from touchscreen systems.

Each county now decides whether to participate in the settlement.

Premier, formerly a unit of Diebold Inc., was acquired by Election Systems & Software last year. ES&S later sold the unit to Dominion Voting as part of an antitrust agreement.

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