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Will feds commit to another IPv6 mandate?

Industry urges Obama to enforce a deadline for federal Web sites to support next-gen Internet

By , Network World
September 28, 2010 09:57 AM ET

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"They can drive the message across industry that IPv6 is important for the growth of the economy," he says. "The government is a major player in this space. They have Web sites and portals that could be made available via IPv6. If they put out a commitment, it will be yet another service that will be acceptable via IPv6. It does help the ecosystem to evolve. It does help the momentum of IPv6."

If the Obama Administration were to set a deadline for agencies to support IPv6 on its public-facing Web sites, it would be the second time that the U.S. federal government has committed to an IPv6 mandate. Back in 2005, the Bush Administration set and later met a deadline of June 2008 for all federal agencies to demonstrate IPv6 connectivity over their backbone networks.

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