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New net neutrality proposal: What's in this thing?

FCC chairman outlined many principles aimed at pleasing everyone, but details remain scarce

By Brad Reed, Network World
December 02, 2010 05:23 PM ET

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“Reasonable network management is an important part of the proposal, recognizing that what is reasonable will take account of the network technology and architecture involved,” he said. “Our work has also demonstrated the importance of business innovation to promote network investment and efficient use of networks, including measures to match price to cost such as usage-based pricing.”

But even though Genachowski gave some hints as to what his final proposal would look like, he left so much out of his talk yesterday that we’ll have to likely wait until the final version comes out during its scheduled meeting on December 21. But no matter what the final proposal looks like, it likely won’t get the vote of Republican commissioner Robert McDowell, who not only opposes the measure but has also accused Genachowski of “pushing a small group of hand-picked industry players toward a ‘choice’ that smacks more of coercion than consensus or compromise.”

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