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Chrome OS notebooks get the video treatment [video]

Got a Google Chrome OS CR-48 notebook? Make an unboxing video

By , Network World
December 10, 2010 11:51 AM ET

Network World - Google's new Chrome OS notebook pilot program is certainly hitting a high note with people who are receiving them, as we're starting to see a bunch of un-boxing videos and others hit the blogosphere. If you haven't seen the notebook yet or some of the things it can do, check out these videos:

Unboxing Video 1: Our pals over at, Al Sacco and Shane O'Neill, show off their CR-48 and offer up their impressions:

Unboxing Video 2: Ed Albro over at PC World offers up an un-boxing video and gives his impressions in this video.


Unboxing Video 3 / News report: Nick Barber from the IDG News Service offers up an unboxing video and news report on the CR-48.

Will it break? Video: In case you've got a new CR-48 and you don't want to see if it will blend, Google's got you covered. In this video, Google engineers destroy 25 notebooks, but all of the data is saved.

Expect to see more things done on video with the CR-48 notebook as reviewers and others try to come up with some other viral video ideas.

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