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2011 tech priorities: Are you ready to shake things up?

Six hot technologies that can help reshape the business and equip employees to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively

By Network World Staff, Network World
January 03, 2011 12:05 AM ET

Network World - Concerns about the economy haven't evaporated, but companies aren't standing still waiting for a bailout. They're working to expand their businesses and find new opportunities for growth, predominantly outside of their current markets.

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IT will play a critical role in business transformations, says Mark McDonald, group vice president for executive programs at Gartner. "If you're going to change where you operate to include other countries, if you're going to take your product into adjacent industry markets, you need technology to give you the scale and connectivity to reach those markets and work with new customers in an effective way," McDonald says.

We've identified six key areas where IT can help reshape the business and equip employees to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Are you ready to act?

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