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12 tutorials for making the most of iPhones at work

Useful tips and apps for exploiting Apple's iPhone smartphone in business

By Steven Borden-Weill, Network World
March 17, 2011 03:07 PM ET

Network World - Many businesses have begun embracing the Apple iPhone and other smartphones, either supplying workers with the devices or enabling employees to hook up their personal phones to the corporate network. With the iPhone 4 now available from Verizon and an iPhone 5 likely on the way, more of the same can only be expected.

Here's a collection of tutorials and other resources to help your organization, or yourself, make your iPhone work at work.

An iPhone introduction

iPhone 4 guided tour

A brief video put together by Apple, highlighting all the features of the iPhone and how to get the most out of them.

iPhone 4 Tutorials 

A lengthy list of iPhone tutorials geared toward the new user.

Incorporating the iPhone in your business

46 Tips for the Business iPhone User

A complete list of tips, information and app suggestions to help you bring the iPhone into your work life.

iPhone in Business

Apple's overview of how and why the iPhone can be easily integrated into your business. The guide includes two in-depth PDF files about how iPhone integrates seamlessly into enterprise environments, and how iPhone protects against unauthorized access, safeguards data at rest, and enables secure access to corporate services. 

Business Theater

A collection of videos put together by Apple, showcasing iPhone features that can be optimized in a business setting but would not be easily presented to the average user. 

Create an iPhone optimized Web site 

A quick instructional about how to create a new version of an existing site that is optimized for iPhone viewing.

How to make the iPhone work at work 

A comprehensive article by InfoWorld, that focuses on how iPhone users can take advantage of unique facets of the iPhone in a work setting. 

SDK Tutorial 

An application available in Apple's App Store that shows step by step how to become familiar with the iPhone software development kit, which can ultimately allow you to create your own applications for your iPhone to help with your business.

iPhone applications for business

21 iPhone Apps For Business

21 of the best apps to boost productivity in your business.

Apps for Business Users

A list and explanation of 10 apps that help bring Macs and iPhones into your business.

10 great iPhone apps for business collaboration 

A slideshow to help you get work done on the go and stay connected with your team via 10 killer iPhone apps.

10 great iPhone apps for business users, at a glance

A quick slideshow tour of smart productivity apps for the world's smartest smartphone.

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