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iPhone 5 rumor roundup for the week ending June 10

Re-energized, the iPhone rumoratchiks churn the stuff out

By , Network World
June 12, 2011 07:08 PM ET
iPhone rumors

Network World - In the nick of time, Apple announced iOS 5. Single-handedly, it's saved the increasing stale, desperately-seeking iPhone 5 Rumor Industry from self-extinction. Re-energized, the rumoratchiks are streaming the stuff out: wireless charging, no iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S confirmed, the end of SMS as we know it, two iPhone 5 models, price cuts, 8 megapixel camera, SummerFallWinterSpring announcement date!

It's a great time to be rumoring. Here's the iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending June 10.

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Delaying iPhone 5 is part of a clever Apple strategy.

The "delay" in announcing iPhone 5 is a Good Thing because it shows Apple is serious about the competition from Google Android and Microsoft, according to ITPortal's Desire Athow. So it's focusing energy on creating really cool software and services.

Athow gets extra points for creating this week's most-labored-analogy: "Announcing the iPhone 5 now would be the sporting equivalent of showcasing a horse for a race without knowing who the jockey will be; Apple needs both the hardware and the software to be ready."

Wireless charging for iPhone 5.

An Apple patent indicates the company could be readying a wireless charging system that would be built into its iMac computers to charge nearby wireless devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, "and -- yes -- iPhones containing the appropriate receivers," according to, which headlined its story "Wireless iPhone 5 charging patent revealed."

FoneHome had picked up on the patent information posted at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which of course doesn't mention iPhone 5.

Apple's approach sounds similar to that of MIT researchers (and many others) using electromagnetic resonance between coils to transfer energy without wires and then convert it into power. The MIT team demonstrated a more efficient version of the technology just over a year ago. 

Forget the "iPhone 4S."

Beatweek conclusively speculates that all the speculation about a kind of souped-up iPhone 4 model, usually dubbed iPhone 4S, preceding the iPhone 5 is and always was codswallop. "While there's no specific evidence to suggest that the iPhone 4S was 'made up' by folks with any intention to deceive, at the very least the iPhone 4S was indeed a made-up product. In other words, it never existed."

By contrast, Beatweek goes on to conclusively speculate on all we do "know" about the real iPhone 5. Stuff like ... it has an operating system: the just announced iOS 5. And: "We've identified at least two carriers that it'll be on. We know it'll sport an A5 processor."


"We learn a little bit more about the iPhone 5 each day, piece by piece, and slowly," according to Beatweek. Sort of like weaving a tapestry of rumors, or like building a smartphone sculpture out of Legos

There's only one problem with Beatweek's claim that iPhone 4S never existed ...

Sprint has the iPhone 4S. Or something.

"Sources" have told 9to5Mac that a version of the iPhone intended for Sprint is right now in "advanced testing." This is being done in Apple's sinisterly-but-coolly-named "Black Labs," presumably a reference to office space and not dogs.

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