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Guide to cloud management software

Network World's guide to cloud management software highlights the challenges facing IT organizations and vendors.

By , Network World
July 06, 2011 12:49 PM ET

Network World - When it comes to cloud computing, management software can no longer be an afterthought – it has to be a part of the implementation, part of the very decision on how best to integrate cloud capabilities into your IT architecture.

For IT organizations large and small, this is uncharted territory. By its very definition, cloud computing represents a blurring of visibility into the network and a lack of control.

Public cloud services take on some of the management for you. On one hand, this is a clear benefit, as it is less for you to worry about. On the other hand, when something goes wrong, you have less insight into the reasons why. Private clouds obscure things as well, though the right management software can still provide you with the insight you need.

Network World has compiled a guide to cloud management software that looks at the issues facing management software vendors today, and how they are coping. It provides the perspective of one of the largest vendors in the market. It reviews software that is trying to address this brave new world of public and private clouds. And the guide gives advice for planning for hybrid cloud management.

The new report is in an easy-to-read PDF format, putting all of this analysis in one place.

Download “Managing the Cloud” today.

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