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iPhone 5 rumor roll-up for the week ending July 15

Could it be just a prop in a TV show? Unbuttoned, but still veiled

By , Network World
July 15, 2011 12:48 PM ET

Network World - July is half over and still no sign of The Next iPhone.

The iOSsphere has been seething over conflicting rumors about when It will be announced, and released, about unbuttoning, panning, and the masses who still long for whatever it is Apple will be announcing soon or not so soon but, whenever, not soon enough.

First an award: This week's "Most Creative Use of Pure Puffery in Advancement of Rumormongery" goes to the TFTS website. The site ran a "story" about the fact that an iPhone 5, or iPhone5/4S, or a prop or a fake (it used all these terms) appeared in the hands of a fictional CIA spy in the USA Network show "Covert Affairs."


"Of course we wouldn't necessarily call a poor TV prop a source, especially one that's featured in a TV show that has nothing to do with reality," writes Chris Smith.

Of course we wouldn't necessarily let that stand in the way of writing a story about it, especially one that has nothing to do with reality. We're dealing with rumors, after all. TFTS even posted an image captured from the TV screen of this fake marvel.

So even though it has nothing to do with reality, it is at least a real fake.

"It's pretty clear that we're looking at an iPhone," Smith notes, missing his own point that it's a TV show prop. "We also have what appears to be an edge-to-edge display, a feature that's expected [i.e., rumored] to be part of the next-gen iPhone."

As he says, "That's definitely an odd choice for a product placement" and "one has to wonder whether Apple has approved this message in any way." One does indeed. Smith seems concerned, even outraged, that Apple would let this happen. "So how can Apple sit by and allow such a monstrosity to be shown on TV, especially since the next iPhone may very well have certain similar features to the one presented on 'Covert Affairs.'"

It says something about something that Smith or anyone else would notice a smartphone when the show's lead character, a novice CIA spy named Annie Walker, is played by Piper Perabo.

iPhone 5 is arriving: in fact, on Aug. 16.

Gekko, a British firm that specializes in retail sales optimization, posted an ad this week on behalf of its client Apple for "full-time iPhone Sales Staff for an exciting project to work 5 days a week (Tuesday-Saturday) for the period 16th August - 29th October within key retail stores."

And that can only mean one thing, according to CNET UK, which was sent a link to the job posting by a tipster: "It sounds as if Apple is looking to bolster its sales staff, and the only reason we can think is that there's a big product launch on the horizon."

And that, in turn, can only mean one thing: the launch of the iPhone 5. What could be bigger than that?

iPhone 5 is not arriving soon.

That's because the Magical A5 dual-core, Apple-designed CPU is overheating.

9to5Mac reports this rumor while encouraging readers to ignore it: "We're taking this one with a healthy dose of skepticism (and so should you) ..."

But "purely for the sake of the discussion" or page views, it reports, "Straight from Chinese-language site comes a story of an iPhone 5 delay blamed on the A5 chip overheating."

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