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Steve Jobs: A timeline

Major events in the life of Steve Jobs

By , IDG News Service
October 05, 2011 08:20 PM ET
Steve Jobs

IDG News Service - 1955 -- Born Feb. 24 in San Francisco to Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali.

1955 -- Adopted from infancy by Paul and Clara Jobs in San Francisco. Moves to Mountain View, California, five months later.

1969 -- Offered a summer job at Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) by William Hewlett.

1971 -- Meets Steve Wozniak; the two later found Apple Computer Inc.

1972 -- Graduates from Homestead High School in Los Altos.

1972 -- Registers at Reed College, Portland, Oregon, and drops out after one semester.

1974 -- Joins Atari Inc. as a technician.

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1975 -- Starts attending meetings of the "Homebrew Computer Club," which discussed home computers.

1976 -- Jobs and Wozniak raise US$1,750 and build their first marketable table-top computer, the Apple I.

1976 -- Founds Apple Computer Company with Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Wayne sells his stake two weeks later.

1976 -- Jobs and Wozniak launch Apple I for $666.66, the first single-board computer with a video interface and an onboard Read Only Memory (ROM), which instructed the machine on how to load programs from an external source.

1977 -- Apple is incorporated as Apple Computer Inc. and the new company buys out the original partnership.

1977 -- Apple launches Apple II, the world's first widely used personal computer.

1978 -- Jobs has first child, Lisa, with Chrisann Brennan.

1979 -- Development of Macintosh starts.

1980 -- Apple III launched.

1980 -- Apple goes public, share price jumps from $22 to $29 on the first day of trading.

1981 -- Jobs involves himself in Macintosh development.

1983 -- Recruits John Sculley as Apple president and chief executive officer.

1983 -- Announces "Lisa," the first mouse-controlled computer. It fails in the marketplace.

1984 -- Apple launches Macintosh with a splashy ad campaign on Super Bowl Sunday.

1985 -- Wins National Technology Medal from U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

1985 -- Jobs ousted from Apple after boardroom struggle with Sculley. Jobs resigns and takes five Apple employees with him.

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1985 -- Founds Next Inc. to develop computer hardware and software. Company later renamed Next Computer Inc.

1986 -- Buys Pixar from George Lucas for less than $10 million. Company later renamed Pixar Animation Studios.

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