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iPad vs. everyone

By , Network World
October 14, 2011 11:47 AM ET

Network World - Apple's iPad 2 continues to dominate the tablet market, a market it essentially created on its own, though many competitors have arisen to knock off the king of the hill.

The latest challenger, Amazon's recently released Kindle Fire, has caught the eye of some customers because of its considerably lower price as compared with the iPad 2, but only time will tell whether the lack of features on the Kindle Fire will break Apple’s hold of the market. It is easy to be skeptical as we look at the other tablets that the iPad has left in its dust.

Motorola Xoom? It hasn't faltered, but it hasn't overcome the iPad 2 either. HP PlayBook? HP isn't even sure whether to keep making them or not; let alone worry about competing with the iPad. Android tablets? Google's creation is still around but the early hype this year hasn't led to dominating market share.

The iPad has gotten so popular that even a 17-year-old Chinese boy sold one of his kidneys for one.

In a special PDF report for Insiders, Network World has collected our best articles detailing the battles between the iPad and, well, everyone else. How does it compare against the Amazon Kindle Fire? The Motorola Xoom? Androids? It’s all here.


Download "The iPad 2 still the champ" PDF today.

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