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Cisco data center forecast very cloudy

Cisco study finds cloud traffic to grow 12-fold between now and 2015

By , Network World
November 30, 2011 08:43 AM ET

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For cloud-computing applications such as video chat and high-definition video streaming, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and North America are considered to have average network capabilities strong enough to support these services. No region, however, was assessed to be able to support "advanced" cloud applications such as high-definition video conferencing and advanced gaming. But certain countries within each region -- such as South Korea and Japan -- are currently able to do so, Cisco says.

The Cisco Global Cloud Index is generated from a modeling and analysis of various primary and secondary sources, including more than 30 terabytes of data generated each month over the past year from a variety of data centers around the world, measurements of more than 45 million broadband-speed tests, and third-party market forecasts.

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