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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 3

Dueling dates, more power, major cosmetic change ahead for Apple iPad

By , Network World
January 04, 2012 03:54 PM ET

Network World - As the New Year approached, iPad 3 rumors gushed like cheap bubbly, and the iOSsphere guzzled.

This past week: conflicting but equally bizarre claims on when iPad 3 will be unveiled; assault on battery limitations with new technology; Koreans show us the way to the Retina Display; and new replacement parts suggest there are big changes in store for iPad 3...unless they're actually little changes.

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You read it here second.

"Unfortunately, little other information was offered, but it was claimed to be an image of the upcoming iPad 3 Display panel." -- Arnold Kim, MacRumors, on why a blurry, unsourced, unidentified, anonymously posted photograph, in Korean, qualified as an iPad 3 rumor.

iPad 3 due in January, with insanely great battery

Citing the ever-popular "sources at Apple's supply chain partners," Digitimes announced that not one but two iPad 3 versions will be unveiled at the Macworld, also referred to now as iWorld, conference which starts Jan. 26 in San Francisco.

Within hours, other sites were concluding this rumor was the rarest of all rumors - the kind of rumor one should ignore.

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Digitimes in its Dec. 29 post claimed that both iPad models will have the existing 9.7-inch screen, but with higher resolution: 2,084 x 1,536 pixels, compared to the iPad 2 resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. There will be "dual LED light bars" to make the screens brighter, according to the sources.

The two models would be aimed at the mid- and high-end market segments, with the iPad 2 re-priced to compete with less expensive rivals like the Amazon Kindle.

Within hours, long-time Apple watcher Jim Dalrymple, at The Loop, declared, "These rumors are completely false."

"I checked with a number of my sources today and an iPad 3 is not planned for release at Macworld," he wrote. "In case you're wondering, an iPad 3 won't be released at CES either."


Dalrymple noted, as Digitimes did not, that Apple pulled out of the Macworld Expo back in 2009, and most other tradeshows since then.

But even as the announcement date rumor floundered, another rumor in the Digitimes post is surging ahead. The post claims that Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology "have both secured orders for batteries with a capacity of as high as 14,000 milliampere-hour (mAh)" for the new iPads.

If true that's about double the capacity of the iPad 2, which is pegged at 6,500 mAh, according to several blogs or news sites that picked up on this rumor. Apple's iPad tech specs only say that iPad 2 has a 25-watt-hour battery that delivers up to 10 hours of use over Wi-Fi, and up to nine hours over 3G.

"If the new iPad had identical components (which is unlikely), it would last more than twice as long per charge than your current one," posted Dylan Love at Business Insider. "But we're expecting plenty of updates to the iPad 3 that might require a larger battery, not the least of which being a retina display."

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