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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 6

Concept 'art,' Gorillas, four cores, and other radicalness

By , Network World
January 09, 2012 10:29 AM ET
iPhone rumors

Network World - The iOSsphere got its groove back this last week, as reason and unreason alike fueled a spate of rumors.

Included: concept art for iPhone 5 reached a new high, or low, depending on how you view it; Gorilla Glass 2 may appear on iPhone 5; the hidden number 3 shows the 5 will have 4; and the Next iPhone will be as radical as we hope.

You read it here second.

"He has managed to make a concept [image] so beautiful and realistic, that it makes you want to ask Apple to make the next iPhone based on it." Sid,

LITERARY FUN: If William Shakespeare wrote an Apple rumor blog

iPhone will, or should, look like these cool Italian images

The iOSsphere equivalent of "Girls of Maxim" or, for older generation, Playboy's Playmate of the Month, is iPhone 5 "concept art." And the response to the latter is pretty close to the response to the former.

Antonio De Rosa, of Italy-based ADR Studio, has released his latest photo-realistic imaginings of what he calls the "iPhone SJ" for "Steve Jobs." Think of airbrushed smartphones. The response has been nearly orgasmic.

"The iPhone SJ is a stunning concept and certainly one of the best we've seen," gushes Hannah Bouckley at Recombu, an online mobile phone seller.

"This iPhone SJ Concept Render Will Likely Blow Your Mind" is the headline for Ben Reid's Redmond Pie post, using a phrase that dates to the late 1960's to sum up the impact of hallucinatory drugs. Not a bad metaphor for iPhone rumors.

Reid does have one nit to pick, though. "Although [De Rosa] hasn't really given the design ... much in the way of technical specs except the to-be-expected A6 dual core processor, and an improved 10-megapixel camera."

That might be because De Rosa is, you know, a marketing communications designer and not an actual software or hardware engineer. That in turn might explain De Rosa's reference to Apple's anticipated A6 chip as dual-core; every reference we could find expects the A6 to be a quad-core processor. The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S currently are the first to use the dual-core A5.

"He has managed to make a concept so beautiful and realistic, that it makes you want to ask Apple to make the next iPhone based on it," according to Sid at "Do you hope that the next iPhone, whatever it's called, will be something like this?"

If iJailbreak means by "something like this" a phone what's a thin, roughly oblong object with a touch screen, then you betcha!

But as the iOSsphere knows, God, or the devil, is in the details; or more accurately in the really, really detailed details. In a comment on Sid's post, Kyle Huang notes, "I don't think that they should have the Apple logo on the top front. They should replace that with the front viewing camera. Also, instead of the regular square for the home button, they should have the logo there. Otherwise, it looks just like a smart smartphone."

But perhaps Sayfulalam's comment sums it all up best: "I love the wallpaper. Where can I get it from?"

iPhone 5 will have Gorilla Glass 2, which will be ... better

Corning announced last week that it will announce this week, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Gorilla Glass 2.

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