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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 13

Verizon demands, Intel begs, iMonstro, the Quadimodo chip

By , Network World
January 13, 2012 02:37 PM ET
iPhone rumors

Network World - It's Friday the 13th and if the movie franchise no longer deliver on cheap thrills, the iOSphere can when it comes to iPhone 5 scuttlebutt.

This week: Verizon demands LTE iPhone; Intel begs for a Medfield iPhone; the meaning of monster; America's Largest iPhoneless Network; Thunderbolt; and the Quadimodo chip.

You read it here second.

"Without Verizon having even mentioned Apple's iPhone, the announcement suddenly became all about the iPhone." -- Michael Essany,, apparently somewhat surprised at the nature of iPhone 5 rumor.

iPhone 5 will have LTE after all, because Verizon demands it

This is an example of the "If A, then Z" form of iOSsphere rumor.

A bunch of news and blogs, and their commenters, concluded that iPhone 5 will be equipped with LTE, based on this sketchy story at, by Jessica Dolcourt. The headline: "Verizon: 'All' our smartphones will be 4G LTE."

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And not only smartphones: also wireless hotspots, tablets and netbooks.

Yet Dolcourt's breezy opening instantly qualifies the "all" and contradicts the "will be."

"Pretty soon, pointing out 4G LTE on a Verizon smartphone will become an exercise in redundancy. From now on, nearly every smartphone, wireless hot spot, tablet, and Netbook that Verizon offers will come with LTE guns a-blazing."

"Nearly every" is different from "all." And "from now on" is different not only from "will be" but also from "pretty soon." Reading Dolcourt's story it's hard to figure what, if anything, "Verizon" (apparently assuming human form in the person of Keith Lampron, identified as Verizon's associate director of device marketing) actually said.

Oddly, Dolcourt never fully quotes Lampron -- except for a two-word fragment -- on this allegedly "clear, unyielding stance on 4G -- 'a hard requirement,' according to Verizon. ..."

So is Lampron really saying that from this day forward -- Jan. 11 when Dolcourt filed her story -- till the ending of the world Verizon will only offer LTE smartphones and mobile devices? Or is he saying that eventually, at some as yet undefined point in the future, only LTE will be allowed on new devices? Who knows?

In Dolcourt's nine short paragraphs there is not one mention of "iPhone" or even "Apple." But here are the first three comments on her post:

"So that means the iPhone 5 will have 4G....hmmm" -- Payne234

"... or Verizon won't have the iPhone 5. There's really no doubting the iPhone 5 will have LTE though because Apple would be stupid to ship it without it." -- WickedToby741

"Either that or it won't be available on Verizon. Only time will tell. -- QA_Tester

Together the three comments forecast the iOSphere hive-mind at work. Many, though not all, subsequent postings about Verizon's clear, unyielding stance referenced Dolcourt's post as the shaky foundation for speculating or concluding that iPhone 5 will have LTE.

A starting post at a forum linked to the CNET account and noted, "That [LTE] requirement has naturally led to speculation that the carrier has all but confirmed that the iPhone 5 will support LTE, which had already been widely assumed and rumored." That naturally led to still more speculation in at least 80 comments.

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