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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week of Jan. 26

A Rollup PSA, a spring blossoming, Gigabit Wi-Fi, and Siri for sure

By , Network World
January 26, 2012 09:45 AM ET

Network World - As the faithful gathered in San Francisco this week for Macworld|iWorld, their faith seemed rewarded by a new spate of iPad 3 rumors.

This week, how iPad 3 is being debased by spamming scammers; the traditional, predictable Spring iPad Surprise; 11ac Wi-Fi coming to your iDevice soon; and why people can't shut up about Siri.

You read it here second.


"We also believe that the iPad 3 will include Siri because of other rumors floating around about the iPad 3. More and more rumors are appearing that are painting the iPad 3 to be less then revolutionary. If this is in fact the case then Apple may need to push Siri as part of the upgrade.", brazenly demonstrating that a news Website can indeed be based entirely on rumor.


iPad 3 causes spamming scamming surge

This actually is not a rumor, so it's The Rollup's public service announcement. Symantec blogger Sean Butler reports on an email scam that presents itself as an email from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, notifying the recipient that they've won a free iPad 3.

We have to admit it's a good hook. The email explains that Facebook and Apple are partnering to offer a group of randomly selected folks from Facebook's vast user data the Magical iPad 3. "It is possible that a user could potentially be deceived by this ruse if they receive this email to the email address they have used to register with Facebook," Butler says. To participate, all you have to do is fill out an online form, and confirm your email address, and some other personal information. What could be fairer than that?

To the attentive end user, not blinded by the promise of a free iPad 3, there are clues that there is less, or more, to the offer than meets the eye. "Even though this email was targeting a Symantec customer, our advanced monitoring systems were able to identify this scam," writes Butler. "Upon investigating this email further, it is easy to ascertain that it is a scam email due to the poor grammar used in the email and the fact that there is a spelling mistake within the email itself."

Bad grammar is evidence of bad intentions, or maybe the pitfalls of Google Translate. Here's a screenshot of one sample of the Zuckerberg Scam. 

iPad 3 will arrive in March-April period. Unless....

We know this because it's traditional. "Every iPad thus far has been released in the March-April timeframe, giving reason to expect the same from the iPad 3 in 2012," intones BeatWeek's Bill Palmer

Every iPad thus far released. That would be all two of them: the first iPad, in April 2010, and iPad 2, in March 2011. It's a tradition. Like going to see cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. during the spring, or perhaps to watch Mrs. Obama plant her organic White House garden. "Despite all its secrecy, Apple has a predictable habit of preferring to update its mobile products in predictable 12-month intervals." Apple is secretive but predictable.

But there's a "but" here, or actually an "unless:" "unless Apple hits a snag and decides to get creative," Palmer adds.

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