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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 28

No more date rumors, thundering jets, higher prices and more

By , Network World
February 28, 2012 04:31 PM ET

Network World - One indisputably good thing about today: no more rumors about the date of the iPad 3 announcement. As the iOSphere now knows: It's March 7 in the Golden State.

And that means, we have nine days left. Plenty of time for more rumors about everything else.

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This week, open your eyes to the Retina Display, close your ears to the thunder of Chinese jets, expect to pay more, and Adobe finally gets real.

You read it here second.


"The problem, of course, is that there is simply no way to know where the pricing sheet came from, let alone its legitimacy." 
     Bryan Chaffin, The Mac Observer, lamenting the limits of knowledge, which didn't prevent The Mac Observer from taking note of a new iPad 3 rumor.


iPad 3 will have Retina Display, because it's right before our eyes

The official Apple invitation for the March 7 event is the basis for what is probably the first post-invitation rumor: The photo in the invite shows an iPad with a high-resolution Apple Retina Display.

The keen eyes at SlashGear discerned this.

"Take a look at the invite graphic Apple included -- complete with the tagline 'We have something you really have to see. And touch' -- and the on-screen graphics certainly look smoother and more precise than what the current 1024 x 768 iPad 2 offers."

We can soon expect attempts by blogs and tech sites to photo the same area of the iPad 2 at the same angle, post a comparison, do lots of pixel manipulation and stuff, and debate the results until March 7.

It's going to be a long nine days.

Most rumors about the new iPad's display have it at least doubling the iPad 2's pixels, but that would still make it less, in pixels per inch, than that of the iPhone 4S. So it may depend on how Apple defines "Retina Display." There are other technologies, or some combination of them, that Apple could use to improve resolution without matching the pixel density of the 4S.

MacRumors last week said it "had obtained" a 9.7-inch display "claimed to be for the iPad 3 and this week asked to do something cool with it." MacRumors, "through microscopic analysis," confirmed that the obtained display was indeed twice the linear resolution and four times the pixel total of iPad 2. "Last week, we reported that we had been able to obtain a 9.7-inch display claimed to be for the iPad 3, confirming through microscopic analysis that the display offers twice the linear resolution and four times the total number of pixels as the iPad 2. Alas, iFixit failed to power up the obtained screen even trying to connect it to the innards of an iPad 2."

iPad 3 will be more expensive

MacRumors called this, somewhat redundantly, an unverified rumor, specifically by a Chinese microblogging site called Sina Weibo.

The Chinese site posted tables that showed price comparisons between iPad 2 and iPad 3, and lo and behold, the Next iPhone is listed as $80 more expensive than the iPad 2 Wi-Fi models and $70 dollars more than the 3G iPad models.

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