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BYOD: There is no stopping employees' devices on your network

Some IT departments are still skeptical of managing employees' devices

By , Network World
February 29, 2012 10:24 AM ET

Network World - It used to be the IT department's answer was always no when an employee asked to use a personal device for work. IT often felt the risk was far too great to the company's network security to allow this.

First came the BlackBerry, but this was usually a company-owned device. The deal breaker came with the iPhone. The advent of Apple's smartphone turned everything around. Employees began to make inroads in cracking down the network manager's wall.

While there are still some network managers skeptical of allowing employees to use their own devices on the company network, the movement is charging full steam ahead. But the risks still remain. Many are concerned that mobile device management would be a nightmare. But the productivity side of things offsets those concerns.

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