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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending March 9

iPad reveals iPhone, Unclear on Clearwire, angst, chips and dates

By , Network World
March 09, 2012 05:34 PM ET

Network World - The new iPad's great contribution to the iOSsphere is how it's already fueling new rumors about the iPhone 5.

This week, existential angst about The Name, new iPad's revelations about the new iPhone, being unclear on Clearwire, and a formula for creating your own conclusion about The Date for iPhone 5.

You read it here second.


"iPhone 5 May Now Be Able to Operate on Clearwire"

Delaon, PlaneteInsane, summarizing how a phone that hasn't been released may run on a network that hasn't been built


iPhone 5 will have LTE/4G because the new iPad has it

"If the new iPad can make use of AT&T and Verizon's growing next-generation cellular networks, it's a fair bet the next iPhone will include that technology as well," writes Phil Hornshaw at Appolicious, summing up the Conventional Wisdom.

If one product has some New Thing, it's clear that a subsequent, completely different product will also have the New Thing. As Hornshaw says, "a transition to 4G for one Apple device pretty well signals that the company is on board with its capabilities, even as carriers continue to work on building their networks."

Because otherwise, it would be rather strange.

"It would seem rather strange that Apple would add 4G LTE technology to the iPad without bringing it to the iPhone as well," Hornshaw writes.

The LTE iPhone 5 "will be a significant step forward for Apple users, and a big boost in cellular data speeds when doing all kinds of mobile tasks and actions," he adds. Those would be mobile tasks and actions like sending a tweet, or updating your Facebook status, or checking the American Idol website. More bandwidth definitely means gaming, and web surfing and a "host of other things will be significantly improved," he gushes.

How have we managed without LTE all these years in the 3G wilderness?

There are a range of issues in bringing LTE to the iPhone, given Apple's emphasis on user experience and battery life. LTE networks in the U.S. are still pretty much in their infancy, with the number of subscribers only a fraction of 3G users. Apple recognized this in the new iPad, which perhaps more importantly than LTE support, also included support for still-faster 3G links, which is what most people will be using for the next several years.

The big question is whether Apple can get LTE/3G silicon that will be small enough and power-efficient enough to make it viable in 2012 for the next iPhone as compared to the just-announced new tablet.

iPhone 5 will not have the new A5X chip because the iPad already has it

This is actually a real news story, by Agam Shaw, of our sister group, IDG News Service. Shaw dug up some speculative analysis by a couple of industry boffins. Their consensus: Apple developed the new A5X CPU specifically for the new iPad, not as a general component that can also be included in the iPhone 5.

The analysts noted that they're still sorting through the not-very-many details known about the new CPU.

"The chips used in the first two iPads, the A4 and A5, both made their way into a new iPhone soon after," Shaw writes. "But the A5X, with its heavy focus on graphics, may not be ideal for smartphone use, and Apple may wait for a more power-efficient chip built with a new manufacturing process."

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