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Can you handle Big Data?

Some experts don't think network managers are ready

By , Network World
March 27, 2012 02:57 PM ET

Network World - Big Data is the latest industry buzzword. It's just another way of saying you as a network manager are being inundated with data and you better figure out a way to manage, secure and analyze it.

A survey by LogLogic showed that 49% of organizations that responded were somewhat or very concerned about managing big data, with another 38% not even sure what big data is. One expert said the key to controlling the data is log management.

Larry Warnock, CEO of Big Data encryption and key management specialist Gazzang, used a novel analogy of what is being done with Big Data. “It’s like a giant fishing net dragging the bottom. There’s big fat tuna and swordfish in there, but also mussels and lobsters and flounder. They’re just scraping data and they don’t know yet what they’re going to do with it."

With this shift toward understanding Big Data, comes an employment opportunity. New jobs are expected for developers, administrators and 'data scientists'.

In this Insider PDF (free registration required), we delve deeply into the concept of Big Data and explain the security surrounding it, along with the storage ramifications.

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