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A sampling of BYOD user policies

Here are several actual BYOD policies that you can use as the framework for your own policy

By Sandra Gittlen, Network World
April 02, 2012 07:08 AM ET

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Employees that purchase a device on their own that is not in line with our standard approved device lists may not be allowed to have their devices added to the servers. It is highly recommended that the employee refer to the Smartphone support website to review the devices that are being supported by IT. Users of personal Smartphones are not permitted to connect to (Company Name) infrastructure without documented consent from (Company Name) IT. Furthermore, (Company Name) and (Company Name) IT reserve the right to disable or disconnect some or all services without prior notification.

Release of Liability and Disclaimer to Users of Personal Smartphones Users (Company Name) hereby acknowledges that the use of a personal Smartphone in connection with (Company Name) business carries specific risks for which you, as the user, assume full liability. These risks include, but are not limited to, the partial or complete loss of data as a result of a crash of the OS, errors, bugs, viruses, and/or other software or hardware failures, or programming errors which could render a device inoperable.

(Company Name) hereby disclaims liability for the loss of any such data and/or for service interruptions. (Company Name) expressly reserves the right to wipe the Good application (or similar applications) at any time as deemed necessary for purposes of protecting or maintaining the (Company Name) service.

Furthermore, depending on the applicable data plan, the software may increase applicable rates. You are responsible for confirming any impact on rates as a result of the use of: (Company Name) - supplied applications as you will not be reimbursed by (Company Name). Finally, (Company Name) reserves the right, at its own discretion, to remove any (Company Name) - supplied applications from your smartphone as a result of an actual or deemed violation of the (Company Name) Smartphone Policy.

2. Sample School District Policy

Here is a school district's BYOD policy. This is tailored to the education world, but it can also serve as food-for-thought when it comes to developing your own BYOD policy no matter what industry you're in. This is in the form of a request to attach a non-district device to the district's wired network:

District policy and regulations allow employees to attach personal devices to the WIRED network provided approval is granted from the Chief Technology Officer and the campus/department supervisor. This policy does not extend to devices attached to district's owned equipment if the device requires the installation of supporting software. This form should be used by employees who wish to request a personal device be attached to the district's WIRED network. All policy and regulations are to be adhered to strictly.

Terms of Agreement

I understand that the District assumes no obligation for the support, either onsite or by telephone, of the personal equipment neither will it accept any liability for modifications made to the equipment as a result of establishing a connection. The network continues to be configured in the best interests of the District-owned machines that are using it.

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