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A sampling of BYOD user policies

Here are several actual BYOD policies that you can use as the framework for your own policy

By Sandra Gittlen, Network World
April 02, 2012 07:08 AM ET

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My campus/department supervisor must sign this waiver allowing the use of my personally owned computer onsite.

I must have current antivirus software installed on my computer and must continue to have up to date virus definitions installed and configured (subject to technical services approval).

I assume all liability when installing or uninstalling any software and do so at my own risk. I am responsible for adhering to copyright and licensing laws and guidelines for all software on my personal equipment.

I am able to properly configure my personally owned equipment for use on the District network using DHCP to obtain an IP address and assume all liability for improperly configuring my equipment.

I cannot have any network services (telnet, DNS, DHCP, web services, file-sharing programs [KaZaa, LimeWire, etc.]); or network utilities running on my system.

I understand that no personal network routers, access points, switches, hubs, network printers, or any other device besides that listed on this form, may be plugged into the District network at any time.

I understand that at no time can District-owned equipment be attached to my personal equipment.

I understand that my actions while using my personal equipment on the District network are governed by the District policy and regulations.

I will not store any confidential District data on my personal equipment.

I will not hold the District liable for theft, damage or loss of personal equipment.

I understand this approval is granted for the current school year and must be reapplied for annually.

A copy of this approval form will remain attached to the equipment at all times while on District property.

To be completed by Desktop Services Staff:

Device Manufacturer:

Model: Serial #:

MAC Address of all network cards:

Anti Virus Software Product Name:

Definitions Current? (circle one) Yes No Initial by DS Staff

I have read and accept the District policies and procedures regarding non-District hardware and/or connectivity to the District WIRED network and I agree to abide by them. I understand that should I commit any violation of the Acceptable Use Policy or regulations, my access privileges may be revoked and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.

User Signature: _____________________________________Date:___________________

Site Administrator Signature: __________________________Date:___________________

Chief Technology Officer - Denial / Approval: _____________________ Date: _________________

Note: This approval is valid for the current school year in which it was approved. Re-approval must take place on an annual basis.

3. Bioscience company's BYOD policy

Here's an actual BYOD policy statement from a global bioscience company that instituted an employee-owned smartphone program. As you can imagine, in an industry like bioscience, the policy is highly detailed and refers back to the employee handbook.


1.1 The company would like to provide greater mobile device choice to its knowledge workers and simultaneously reduce end-user mobile device complexity. Providing secured company email/calendar/contact data on employee personal smartphones allows these employees to use their device of choice, and it eliminates the need to carry multiple devices.

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