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A sampling of BYOD user policies

Here are several actual BYOD policies that you can use as the framework for your own policy

By Sandra Gittlen, Network World
April 02, 2012 07:08 AM ET

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5.3.4 The Employee-Owned Smartphone Program user receiving a monthly stipend is responsible for notifying the company immediately if he or she discontinues phone service so that the stipend can be discontinued.

5.3.5 The Employee-Owned Smartphone Program user is responsible for contacting the IT Help Desk immediately in the event that his or her smartphone is lost or stolen.


6.1 Program Signup

6.1.1 Employees wishing to participate in the program must initiate an IT Help Desk ticket online... To complete and submit the request, employees must agree, by checking the appropriate box on the form that they have read and understood this document, Employee-Owned Smartphone Program, posted on the company's Intranet home page under Policies.

6.1.2 Participating employees who will receive a stipend must agree to the Smartphone Stipend Terms and Conditions by signing and attaching the form to the IT Help Desk ticket. Smartphone Stipend Terms and Conditions can be found on the company's Intranet home page under Policies.

6.2 Employee-Owned Smartphone Program with Stipend

6.2.1 Employees currently using a company-liable Blackberry smartphone, or future employees who are eligible for a company-liable smartphone, who prefer instead to use a personal iPhone or Android smartphone for both business and personal use, are eligible for a $50-per-month stipend to help defray their mobile costs.

6.3 Employee-Owned Smartphone Program without Stipend

6.3.1 Employees who are ineligible for a company-liable Blackberry smartphone but request company email/calendar/contacts use on a personal smartphone are also ineligible for a stipend. However the company will license and configure their personal iPhone or Android smartphone for business use if requested.

6.4 Stipend Eligibility

6.4.1 Stipend eligibility mirrors company-liable smartphone eligibility, which is determined based on a job function's mobile device profile. Mobile device profiles eligible for a company-liable smartphone and therefore a stipend for personal smartphone use, are as follows: *Executive - Employees who are director and above. *Mobile Professional - Employees who are on business travel >10%. *Support Professional - Employees who are (1) on call and required to respond to business emergencies or system outages, or (2) primary contact for a company partner or client, or a first responder to critical business events.

6.4.2 Exceptions to these criteria require approval from a member of the company's Operating Committee.

6.5 Stipend Details

6.5.1 The $50/month stipend for eligible program participants will be non-taxed, and the annualized sum of $600 will be distributed across a given year's 26 paychecks; each paycheck, therefore, will reflect a non-taxed $23.08 stipend value ($600/26).

6.5.2 Upon termination of employment with the company, a user receiving a smartphone stipend must have worked at least one week during the current pay period in order to receive a stipend for that pay period.

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