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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending May 25

3.999 is the perfect number, new parts, The Date(s), tribute

By , Network World
May 29, 2012 09:27 AM ET
iPhone rumors

Network World - Perhaps iPhone 5 should be called iPhone 3.999, the finely calculated diagonal measurement of what many in the iOSphere believe is the new, bigger, better display of the next iPhone.

Also this week: tiny pictures of new parts show big differences, even if now one knows what they are; a confusion of dates; and the Tribute Phone.

You read it here second.


"The authenticity of all of the parts has yet to be confirmed, but past history suggests that these components are frequently genuine parts leaked from Apple's supply chain." 
    -- Eric Slivka, MacRumors, on why unconfirmed "leaked" parts nevertheless can be trusted to show us something about iPhone 5, even though no one knows what that something actually is.


Apple testing two or more iPhone 5 designs, with 3.999-inch screen

"Apple is testing multiple next-generation iPhones, and we have independently heard that at least one of these devices sports a brand new display," declares 9to5Mac.

IONAPPLE: iPhone display rumors galore

It's unclear what 9to5Mac means by "independently heard." "Dependently heard" makes more sense, since they're depending on at least one person or perhaps on another rumor site for the assertions. But needless to say, there's not a hint of who the source might be. Electricpig charitably if unjustifiably assumes in its headline that 9to5Mac has a "secret source," and later, with even more charity and even less justification, assumes it's a "secret insider."

Apple is testing "a few next-generation iPhone candidates," 9to5Mac claims. Two of these candidates have "a larger display," specifically 3.999 inches diagonally. "Apple will not just increase the size of the display and leave the current resolution, but will actually be adding pixels to the display," according to the website.

9to5Mac doesn't reference The Verge post several weeks ago that laid all this out, but here it is, one of the rare iPhone 5 blog posts that was genuinely speculative. The Verge post explains that by changing the iPhone's aspect ratio from the current 3:2 to 9:5, Apple could create an iPhone with a significantly larger screen area but keep the same overall phone dimensions. The screen would have the same width, 1.84 inches, but would be longer 3.49 inches compared to the current 2.91. Importantly, that change would preserve Apple's Retina Display pixel density.

One difference between The Verge and 9to5Mac is that the former speculated that the new vertical pixel total is 1152 and the latter asserts that it's 1136. John Gruber, at Daring Fireball, thinks the 1136 number makes more sense: His calculations show 1136x640 pixels would be "one pixel away" from a 16:9 aspect ratio.

"We've also heard that Apple will be taking full advantage of their new pixels," announces 9to5Mac, as though this would be a change from Apple's lax past practice of letting all those pixels go to waste.

"Apple is currently testing builds of iOS 6 that are custom-built to the new iPhone's display. These builds include a tweaked home screen with a fifth row of icons (besides the stationary app dock) and extended application user interfaces that offer views of more content," according to 9to5Mac.

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