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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending June 29

Flawed batteries, the late date earlier, NFC ecstasy

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June 29, 2012 09:30 AM ET
iPhone rumors

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And speaking of The Date ...

iPhone 5 will be announced in August. Or September. Or October.

Hopes of an earlier-than-expected iPhone 5 announcement suffered a blow when DigiTimes posted that its sources in Apple's "upstream supply chain" say they "have not yet seen any significant increases in iPhone component supply for July."

You need the little tiny components to make the larger components that get put together in the rumored Liquidmetal unibody teardrop-shaped radically redesigned but possibly only slight longer iPhone 5 case.

DigiTimes forthrightly acknowledges that "rumors have circulated in the IT market claiming that Apple may shift forward the launch of its new iPhone to late August hoping to catch back-to-school demand in September ..." Missing the back-to-school shopping spree didn't seem to bother Apple last year, when it announced iPhone 4S in October, and it certainly didn't seem to bother sales for that model, bar far the most-sold iPhone.

If Apple wanted to release the phone in late August, they'd want to announce it in early August, which would mean increasing component shipments in July, according to DigiTimes: "however, so far, they have not yet seen Apple increase its orders for July."

What a bummer.

But there's hope. "However, some players believe that Apple is actually planning to announce the new iPhone at the end of August." Players?

"According to Apple's plans for the new iPhone, mass shipments of components are set for August, but since order visibilities are not very clear, there is still the possibility that it could shift orders to July." However, some players believe that since order visibilities are not very, you know, visible, then the increase in orders could come, like, whenever.

As Ronald Carson, at summarized, "Nevertheless, DigiTimes points out there is still time for a late August iPhone 5 launch." Provided someone wakes up and places those mass component orders.

"Expert opinion is divided, though we have no idea which experts are actually speaking," Carson observed. We also have no idea of they're actually experts, but that's a quibble. "[T]he information coming out Apple's Asian supply chain is fuzzy, unfocused and unreliable," Carson says.

On that, expert opinion is undivided.

iPhone 5 will have wireless charging

This is firmly based on the recent publication by the U.S. government of Apple patent applications, including one for an iOS docking station that can rejoice the iPhone wirelessly via inductive charging.

And here's what it will look like in a very general, sort of, kinda way.

It's a "patent win [that] covers an iOS docking station based on inductive charging that has yet to surface," noted PatentlyApple. "Perhaps this granted patent opens the door for its release in the not-too-distant future."

That would be the not-too-distant future wherein lies less-than-8% unemployment, surging sales for the Chevrolet Volt electric car, and screaming Mitt Romney supporters.

The Apple patent relates to the various electrical "stuff" packed into a docking station, such as re-radiating antennas to "enhance signal integrity," the inductive charging units, and wireless or optical data links. Apple has not yet introduced an induction charging system.

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