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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Aug. 10

Pin proof, MagSafe mania, cases before the phone, ennui

By , Network World
August 10, 2012 10:44 AM ET
iPhone rumors

Network World - How many pins can dance on the end of an iPhone? The iOSsphere darkened with crisscrossing claims of 8, 9, 18, 19, and debated whether they'll be incorporated in a MagSafe port.

Also this week, the French-Chinese Leak Connection leaked a rising flood of component images and iOS 6 was mined for tantalizing clues to iPhone 5 features.

You read it here second.


"These cases are likely designed based on the same iPhone 5 leaks and rumors we report. So it's no shock that they match most of the rumors."

Josh Smith, GottaBeMobile, unintentionally describing the self-reinforcing and self-deluding nature of iPhone rumoring


iPhone 5 connector dock will have nine (9) pins

9to5Mac has added an authoritative voice to the intense iOSphere debate over the question of "how many pins can dance on the end of an iPhone?"

The answer, according to Mark Gurman, is nine.

"At this point, it seems highly likely that the next-generation of Apple's iOS devices will carry smaller dock connectors," he confidently assures his readers. "However, the exact size and amount of pins has been up in the air."

It now comes down to Earth. "However, today, we discovered a possible reference to a 9-pin dock connector in the iOS 6 beta [code]," Gurman reveals. "The reference comes as a new iOS hardware feature called "9Pin," so we're assuming this has to do with the dock connector. Obviously, there is no way to be 100% about this."

Needless to say, that will not stop many people from being 150% about this.

Here's what 9t05Mac found: 00002d9c t_copyDeviceSupports9Pin. And here's the screen shot with the tantalizing 9Pin reference. 

"Of course, this is only a single iOS-based reference, and Apple's plans for pin-formations could change at any time." Of course, if the phone is going to be announced on Sept. 12, there aren't going to be changes in the pin formations, or in anything else.

iPhone 5 will have the teensy dock, and it will be a new MagSafe connection was thrilled to relate that "leaked" photos showed a comparison between the bottom edges of the iPhone 4S and the upcoming iPhone 5.

And among other things, that means the photos show or confirm that iPhone 5 will have a really teensy dock connector (see prior rumor), possibly in the form of a modified MagSafe connector to support both power and data.

"Leaked photos have depicted a micro dock that could very well consist of only 7-9 pins," writer Alex Heath announced. The photos came from the French site, which actually got at least some of them from a post in Taiwan's AppleDaily.

A "leak" in traditional journalism parlance is an act committed by someone with insider knowledge, and with insider motives, on a reporter who's more than willing to be leaked upon, but in theory at least thoroughly considers the leaker's motives. That doesn't happen so much in the iOSphere, where "leak" means "an unsourced photo, or something made to look like a photo, that I've never seen before."

That's enough for Tapscape, for example, which took the same photos noted by CultOfMac, reiterated the same unfounded Consenus Rumor Estimate, and had the audacity to run the result under the bold headline "iPhone 5 Features In-Depth: The New Mini Dock.

Heath focuses on one picture in particular from which shows the bottom edges of the pressed together iPhone 4S and the Mystery Phone. The "dock connector pic is the best quality we've seen so far," he assures us, apparently fully prepared to accept the French language posting at face value. How anyone in the Age of Adobe Photoshop could write that with a straight face is a modern wonder.

Heath says the photo shows a "surprise" - a metal ring surrounding the connection port, which to Heath looks rather, kind of, somewhat like the MagSafe port on Apple's computers. MagSafe is the proprietary Apple power connection, which uses magnets to hold the cord to the device so it will break apart easily if someone accidentally hits the cord. It was updated recently on some new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. Mag nuts have predicted for months that Apple will bring it to iPhone.

Not everyone buys this. The headline at iPhone5NewsBlog reads, "The Fakest-Looking Part Of The Purported iPhone 5." Which, to us, is another way of saying "The Fakest-looking Part Of The Fake iPhone 5."

Editor Michael Nace says "If the glimpses of the purported iPhone 5 units that we've seen thus far are all fakes, then they are the best fakes we've seen to date." But he thinks the bottom of the revealed iPhone 5 "looks really off." He uses a rendering of a pretend iPhone 5 originally created by Bryce Haymond, a freelance designer operating as Blackpool Creative in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Haymond released updated fake images in June. 

"The bottom of these iPhone 5 units, to me, look[s] really 'off,'" Nace says. And this isn't just a gut feeling, he says: there are cold hard facts, or more precisely, cold hard rhetorical questions, to back it up.

For one thing, the "gaping hole" of the iPhone 5 port depicted in all these pictures looks nothing like the MagSafe port on the MacBooks, Nace says. And that headphone jack on the bottom? Not gonna happen. "Does it not seem rather odd that Apple would move it from top to the bottom?" Finally, there is the fact of having more speaker perforations on one side than the other. "I get it — the presence of the headphone jack reduces the left hand number of holes to only five," Nace writes. "But does Apple do asymmetry like this?"

If you're going to asymmetry at least do it elegantly. "The asymmetrical, clumsy look of the speaker array on this model is homely by Apple's standards."

Perhaps the best commentary, which unintentionally reveals how irrelevant iOSphere rumors actually are, is by a reader with the handle cosmin, who added a comment to Nace's post: "i still belive that this is the real thing.i dont know why,but i am pretty sure that this is the new iPhone."

Just believe. The Code of the iOSsphere.

iPhone 5 will fit these just-revealed Chinese protective cases

The Rollup is not ashamed to admit that GottaBeMobile's Josh Smith had us going there for a second or two.

When we read "iPhone 5 Cases Ready to Ship from China (Photos)," the first thought was "A-hah! The smoking!" We thought Smith was talking about the Next iPhone's actual body. You know, the case.

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