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Complete guide to the iPhone 5

Everything you need to know about Apple's newest creation

By Network World Staff, Network World
October 02, 2012 03:59 PM ET

Network World - With more than 5 million already sold, the iPhone 5 is certainly a hit. But if you want to get optimum use of your iPhone 5, this PDF will lead you down the primrose path of smartphone success.

Major publications have raved about iPhone 5. Some have even gone to the extent of using the term "lust." With the long lines outside the Apple Stores last month, it's fair to say fandom has reached a new level.

The iPhone 5 has been lauded for its battery life, display and camera as well as this being the company's first LTE model. The phone is thinner and longer than previous versions.

The iPhone 5 doesn’t pretend to make any technology breakthroughs: Apart from being taller, at first glance it seems to preserve many of the exterior design elements of the iPhone 4S. Instead, Apple has continued to refine and improve a range of features that are intended to preserve the superior “user experience” that has made the iPhone the leading smartphone brand.

Missing were a range of rumored or hoped-for items, including near-field communications (NFC, a wireless technology usually touted for mobile transactions and digital wallets), a quad-core processor, support for USB 3.0 in the redesigned, smaller dock connector, removable storage, and an even larger screen.

With the flood of information since the iPhone 5 came out, we thought it was time to collect information about the phone as well as tell you the best ways to upgrade from your 4S model. We also run through various intricacies of the iPhone 5. To find out more about this and to download the pdf, become a Network World Insider (free registration is required).

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