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iPad Mini will be a hit with workers, analysts predict

Size, price and support for iPad apps matters to workers -- and to IT

By Matt Hamblen, Computerworld
October 23, 2012 05:25 PM ET

Computerworld - Apple's new 7.9-in. iPad mini will be a huge hit with business users as well as consumers, several industry analysts predicted Tuesday.


It starts with the $329 price tag for a Wi-Fi-only 16 GB version, making it affordable to workers in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world, analysts said.

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Apple's list isn't considered by analysts to be a big premium over 7-in. tablets like the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD that sell for $199.

The new iPad Mini can also run all the apps written for the iPad 2 in the same resolution (1024 x 768 pixels). And, analysts noted, the new Apple device is lightweight (.68 pounds), thin (7.2 mm) and can be held in one hand.

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Another reason, perhaps the most important one -- many IT shops already allow workers to use iPads for work-related tasks. Therefore, a low-cost, smaller version of the the iPad that can run existing apps doesn't present a threat.

Forrester analyst Frank Gillett said the thin and light iPad mini "will be a huge hit" in the workplace. "The price is a very big deal."

He said the smaller, lighter iPad "opens lots of new business uses, especially with women."

Smaller tablets in the 7-in. form factor -- including those from Amazon and Barnes and Noble -- have been popular among women, analysts noted. Women can easily store that size device in a purse, while men can insert one in a large pocket.

Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates, also said he expects that the iPad Mini will be popular among workers. "Many workers will prefer the smaller size, and companies will appreciate the smaller price," he said.

Since the apps for the device are compatible with the current 9.7-in. iPad, "companies can provide a choice to end users -- and end users like choice."

The various laptop sizes used by workers is an indication of how they will like having a choice of tablet sizes, Gold said.

Gold said Apple already "has a big head start in the enterprise" due to the popularity of the larger iPad, which will make it hard for Android or Windows tablet makers to catch up.

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