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Tech job market on the upswing

Recent reports show IT jobs continue to rebound

By Network World Staff, Network World
November 26, 2012 03:41 PM ET

Network World - To see the state of the job market for tech workers, just look at the headlines over the past few months:

"100,000 new jobs for tech industry through midyear" or "IT sector rebounds, gains 12,500 jobs in October."

Three of the four high-tech job sectors analyzed by TechAmerica Foundation saw positive job growth in the first half of 2012, amounting to nearly 100,000 new jobs for the tech industry. The organization called the gains "modest," however, and warned against taking the industry's relative job strength for granted. The four sectors TechAmerica highlighted in its report are: software services, which added 50,800 jobs between January and June 2012; engineering and tech services, which added 49,900 jobs; technology manufacturing, which gained 9,200 jobs; and communications services, which lost 10,700 jobs.

Taken together, the nearly 99,300 jobs added between January and June boosted the tech industry's job count by 1.7% to 5.99 million at the midyear mark. By comparison, the industry added 118,900 jobs during the Jan.-June period of 2011 for a gain of 2.1%.

The IT sector is back in growth mode, adding 12,500 jobs in October, according to U.S. employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job gains in October are a welcome rebound after disappointing September numbers from the BLS, which reported a net loss of 1,700 jobs in the IT sector.

The hottest jobs these days, according to IT job site, are iPhone developers, Android developers and software engineers, mobile developers, Ruby on Rails developers and cloud specialists.

One IT consultant said of the cloud jobs: "In a cloud-based deployment, there can't be the kind of technology handoffs between silos in IT we have seen in the past. To achieve the efficiencies of a cloud investment, there has to be staff that can manage the layers of the cloud in cooperation with each other."

Professionals who are experts in cloud computing, software as a service and virtualization are in high demand, but those with combined skills in server, software and networking are the most sought after in the current IT job market.

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