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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for week ending Nov. 30

Inventing the future, rumor rants, The Date, St. Jonathan

By , Network World
November 30, 2012 02:41 PM ET
iPhone 6

Network World - Cyber Monday, by Friday, is just a dim memory, and a dull ache caused by the absence of the Next iPhone.

The iOSphere grasped at patents, concept art, a June release date, and the towering genius of Saint Jonathan Ive to keep hope afloat for iPhone 6. Or 5S. Whatevah.

You read it here second.


"The source of the rumors [about a summer 2013 release for the Next iPhone], Digitimes, has an extremely mixed track record when it comes to Apple news, so the iPhone 5S release date at this point is still firmly entrenched in the shadows. However, as we pointed out, that doesn't mean that the iPhone 5S won't be released in the summer." 
    -- Adam Mills, GottaBeMobile, as in most iOSphere rumors, covering all the bases, going around in circles, and ending up where one started, none the wiser.


iPhone 6 will use cool Apple patents we've seen before

If you haven't seen a good rumor lately, invent your own. And that's what "Invention Girl" did at, a Pittsburgh company that bills itself as "America's largest inventor service firm."

The blog post, "What Will a Future iPhone Look Like?" draws its inspiration from the cheerleading posts about Apple patent applications and awards at, which has rarely met an Apple patent it didn't love. Invention Girl took a handful of the inventions highlighted at Patently Apple and then created photorealistic illustrations to show what a future iPhone will look like.

"Apple will either have to add something truly innovative to the iPhone or accept a slowly shrinking market, courtesy of Android," she writes. "We've combed through Patently Apple and have come up with 4 ways Apple may regain the iPhone magic by illustrating some of the more innovative iPhone patents. Whether or not the patents make it into an iPhone is anybody's guess. Regardless, it's fun to see what the iPhone may look like based on filed patents rather than tech pundit speculation ..."

Who could argue with "fun"? But it's an idea that sounds better than it actually plays out.

The first illustrated invention is the "projector phone." It shows a foreground closeup of an otherwise unremarkable iPhone lying on a wood surface, emitting rays of light from a built-in mini-projector to create a humongous projected image on a living room wall. It may not actually be fun but it certainly looks odd: as if the iPhone had been inflated to the size of a coffee table; and the image it projects actually seems smaller than the phone's apparent size.

Doubtless it's picking a nit to grouse that Invention Girl is "showing" a feature of a future iPhone, not the future iPhone itself. But that's what we do here.

She partly redeems herself with the rendering of the "smart bezel" invention, which Patently Apple covered in 2011. To make a long post short, the invention calls for using the front "bezel" -- the part of the phone's front surface that borders the actual display -- and making this active, so it can respond to touch. Moving these touches and gestures off the main display leaves more space there for showing Web pages, videos, etc.

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