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RFID: Befuddled by FUD

But experts predict a breakout in 2-3 years, led by retail

By Bob Violino, Network World
December 10, 2012 07:00 AM ET

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"The key benefits we have realized [are] the ability to manage and better secure valuable assets, improvement of productivity and ultimately increased revenues," says Corbett Speciale, president of TekEase.

"RFID readers continue to improve and while there will always be some limits, the benefits already far outweigh those," Speciale says. RFID "will continue to big part of TekEase future," he says.

When will RFID likely reach critical mass in the U.S? "I would guess that within two or three years we will see retail apparel reach critical mass and switch to RFID," Roberti says. "That will lead to wider adoption in other sectors because it will show that the technology works and is mature. Also, the technology will be more visible because you will see people taking inventory of 1,000 items in 30 seconds. Right now, almost no CEOs have ever seen the power of RFID technology."

Bob Violino (Twitter: @BobViolino) is a freelance writer covering a variety of technology and business topics.

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