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77 MORE great ideas for running a security program

Practical ideas from CSOs and subject matter experts of all sorts

By Derek Slater, CSO
January 11, 2013 04:00 PM ET

CSO - Last year's collection of great ideas was so well received that we decided to do an encore.

We've scoured our archives for ideas from CSOs, academics, consultants and philosophers, for concepts big and small. What these ideas have in common is the ability to elevate your department and your career.

So grab your highlighter, start each day by reading until you hit an idea that challenges you, mark it, and try it. Rinse and repeat.

1 Cut everybody's speaking time to 5 minutes in this months meetings

Experiment: Before your next status meeting, rule that each speaker has only five minutes to speak. Enforce this limit without exception, ideally by putting a kitchen timer on the conference table. See if you get the same amount of information, and whether it clarifies and prioritizes everyone's thinking as they prepare for the meeting. If the rule works, keep it.


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