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Q&A: What the FCC's Wi-Fi expansion means for you

And why Aerohive's Matthew Gast has an engineer's crush on the FCC chairman

By , Network World
January 23, 2013 10:04 AM ET

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But it's worth waiting for, apparently?

Genachowski gets the idea of unlicensed spectrum. It's a band that anyone can use as long as you play nice. And you just let things arise from that basic principle. Today, for example, no one under 30 even knows what an Ethernet cable looks like. Wi-Fi depends on spectrum. And all these new interesting devices like the ones at CES need Wi-Fi because the wide-area networks can't take the load. Wi-Fi is going to be everywhere.

How are you using Wi-Fi?

I have a collection of iPads: an iPad 1, 2, and 3. I switch between an Android phone and for overseas travel a BlackBerry phone. I have a travel router [multi-device Wi-Fi connectivity] for the T-Mobile network. I have an iPad touch, but that works with my car's Bluetooth radio; a laptop, and a Nook ebook reader. And inside my house, we use Wi-Fi for audio-visual distribution. That's it for now.

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