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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week of Jan. 21

More than usually stunning display, thinner and lighter, canceled

By , Network World
January 25, 2013 09:36 AM ET

Network World - Confusion reigns about the iPad 5, which recently was predicted to be released in both the spring and fall of 2013. Only in the iOSphere is this depth of confusion liberating.

Also this week, confusion between oxide and organic and what it means for Real Innovation in Apple's iPad displays. But whatever, iPad 5 will be way thinner and lighter.

You read it here second.


"The sources didn't say exactly why production [of Sharp's iPad display production] had nearly halted."


iPad 5 will have an awesome new display screen technology, of one kind or another

The Korea Times published a somewhat confusing story this week, perhaps because it was in English, about LG Display's ambitions to become an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display colossus. And by adding a reference to Apple, KT ensured that its story would become enshrined in the iOSphere.

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LG Display is planning to spend about $3.6 billion in 2013 (about what it spent last year) on OLED technologies and facilities. KT implies this is part of an aggressive strategy to make OLED a standard technology on everything from mobile devices to massive flat-panel TVs. The story notes that OLED offers higher-quality images and lower power consumption compared to today's dominant conventional LCD displays.

"Of our investment budget, OLEDs will take up the biggest slice of money, followed by research for flexible displays and oxide-based LCD technologies,'' an LG Display official told The Korea Times.

Without being an expert in OLED or display technology, it's still possible to get the basic idea: The company wants to be a player and is putting up some big bucks to be one.

Then KT adds this, without any attribution or references: "The company's commitment to oxide-based LCD manufacturing is noteworthy and points to rising orders from top device makers like Apple. Oxide LCDs are thinner and more power efficient than current LCDs and has been an area where Apple has been strengthening its investment. Industry observers believe there is a possibility that Apple will apply these screens on its next version of the iPad at the earliest."

And if nameless "industry observers" didn't believe that before, they're sure likely to now. marveled over this "great little nugget of information," summing its conclusion up in the headline to its post: "Apple may Advance to Oxide-Based LCD Displays in 2013." 

Macworld UK's Karen Haslam apparently might have thought that the "O" in "OLED" refers to oxide instead of organic. She picked up on both posts and concluded that "Apple may use oxide-based LCD screens for a next generation iPad 5 with a 'stunning' screen ..." She mentions that LG Display is planning a "massive investment in the new technology," even though the KT story clearly revealed the investment to be in organic light-emitting diode technology, not metal oxide thin film transistors (TFTs).

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